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After nearing 6 months of Pitforge up and running, we've decided that we should finally do a server reset! On top of that, War Season 2 is officially over. It's time to start from scratch to become the most formidable faction on the server!

Why a server reset?
Pitforge has been running for quite a while now, with many players constantly gathering items from the wilderness, kits, and from purchasing chests on the server store. A reset allows all players to start from scratch, fighting with one another to gather resources and grind for levels in order to compete with the other factions.

What does the reset entail?
The server reset will remove all balances, items (including those in player vaults and enderchests), and levels from players. Factions will be disbanded, thus having to recreate their bases in order to prevent from being raided. Any ranks that were purchased will still be available to players, including any kits that were bought. Prizes will be given to the winning factions after the restart.

I purchased a chest before the restart. What happens to it?
If you purchased a chest before the restart, send in a ticket with your username as well as which server you would like to receive the chest on. You will be given the same chest that you purchased, minus the exclusive holiday chests.

In addition to the server restart, we have also decided to condense many of our servers together to ensure that there are no servers with extremely low player counts. Instead of 15 individual faction servers, we will now have F1 and F2. This should maintain faction activity as well as making sure competition is lively!

If you have any further questions about this update, feel free to send a ticket using the Support button found on the bottom right corner of your screen, or send me a private message and I will reply if it hasn't been answered!
T3rzo9p.gif As the holidays get closer, we've pushed another update that brings some more holiday-themed items!

We've added Lumps of Coal, which (similar to the Halloween Event) can be obtained from opening up the Christmas Chest or by completing bounties! Each bounty will give a varying amount of coal, so be sure to complete as many as you can before the event ends. These Lumps of Coal can be traded in for the special holiday set of items by interacting with Santa Claus at spawn!


Christmas Chests will only be available for a short time, so be sure to pick one up at store.pitforge.com! Purchasing one will guarantee you a Christmas item as well as some other great gear. Christmas Chests contain the following:

tinygolem.png Two new enchantments have been added, which are exclusive to the Christmas items.

  • Frostbite: Chance to inflict slowness and blindness on all enemies in a 3 block radius.
  • Snowstorm: Chance to knock back your attacker by several blocks, creating distance to either heal or run.
**All limited edition Christmas items only go up to level 3.
screenshot_1 (1).png
We've got a new update reminiscent of King of the Hill gamemodes. Welcome Capture Points, and be prepared to hold them as long as you can for an edge over the other factions!

Throughout the map, there are three points of interest that can be captured. The one displayed above is the Mining Town Capture Point. To find the Capture points, follow the pathway leading away from spawn. The further away from spawn you get, the more high-tiered factions you'll compete against.

Each point must be held for a period of time in order to claim it for your faction. Once the point has been claimed, your entire faction will gain a 1.5x experience boost. The boost stacks with each point captured, up to a max of a 3.3x experience boost!


However, in order to maintain this boost, your faction will need to protect the points. An enemy faction standing in the area will eventually neutralize it. If they kill your entire faction and stand alone in the point, they will eventually overrule you and gain the boost for themselves.

Good luck in holding the points for as long as you can!

Happy Holidays to all of our players! With the holiday season drawing near, we figured we'd kick it off with some new updates!

The first thing you will notice when logging on is our brand new holiday-themed spawn! It is complete with everything from Christmas trees to Santa's sleigh high in the skies. All NPCs are lined up right in front of where you spawn, along with Novis in his own special room!


Coupled with our new spawn is also our new map, which is 2x the size of the old one! This map features many new landmarks such as the village displayed above, as well as new mines that are larger and have more ores. This map is also more suited for faction cooperation, as there are larger ore and chest areas to claim for your own.

Last and definitely not least, we have pushed the level cap to 65! Capping off at the new level will take some time, but will definitely help improve your skill set for wars or raids. Maybe try mixing it up by throwing a couple points into Attack Speed and Critical Chance! (As always, be sure not to make the mistake of using an autoclicker, as all of your hard-earned levels will be reset and you will be banned)
Hey guys! Today we had added some new shields and bows! In this update an addition 1 item has been added to each rarity. As usual, these items can be found in Crystals and chests bought on the store. If you would like to see a sneak peak of the items at level 1, click on the spoilers below!





As usual, the items can be obtained through Crystals and chests bought on the store.

Remember to stay up to date with all the updates, to check out the forums and /patchnotes in game!

The first war season here on Pitforge is over, and 3 factions have emerged victorious!
Congratulations to the following factions for ranking TOP 3 overall on the global RP leaderboard.

1. TheNeatPeople (1064 RP)
2. Dioc (1032 RP)
3. Avon (990 RP)


[​IMG] [​IMG]

The prizes for the winners are as follows:

1st Place:
- Red faction name in chat
- 1st place displayed when you hover over the faction name
- Super Chest for the faction leader
- 2 Skill Respec for members and above
- 2 Insurances for members and above

2nd Place:

- Light purple faction name in chat
- 2nd place displayed when you hover over the faction name
- Magical Chest for the faction leader
- 1 Skill Respec for members and above
- 2 Insurances for members and above

3rd Place:

- Aqua faction name in chat
- 3rd place displayed when you hover over the faction name
- Diamond Chest for the faction leader
- 1 Skill Respec for members and above

The faction war RP leaderboards have been reset. The exact length of season 2 has not been determined, so get going and win some wars!

By popular request, we've added some more shields into the game! Below is an image of each new shield at its maxed level. Shields can be found in crystals or chests. Chests can be purchased from store.pitforge.com....​
The season of fear, Halloween, is near. To celebrate, Pitforge has added a few new features to the server!

Starting with Halloween Candy, which can be found in Spooky Chests (explained in a minute) or by completing bounties! Halloween Candy can be used at Mr. Skeltal at spawn to purchase special limited edition Halloween items! Mr. Skeltal will soon be added to all servers, so don't fret if he hasn't arrived yet!

Hurry and pick up your Spooky Chest from store.pitforge.com, they will only be available [​IMG]
for a short period of time, so this is your opportunity to get bonus Halloween candy and special Halloween items with all new custom enchantments. Click the Spooky Chest image above to be directed to the store! Spooky chests contain the following items:

[​IMG] We have added 3 new custom enchants to the game, which are currently only exclusive to the Spooky Armor Set and Ceremonial Dagger Weapon.
  • Ghostly: Chance to become invisible for 3 seconds. As the level goes up, higher percent chance to activate the enchant.
  • Cynical: Chance to emit a terrifying witch laugh and poison your opponent.
  • Swarm: More of a cosmetic enchantment, but chance to release a swarm of bats to chance away your enemy.
**All limited edition Halloween items only go up to level 3.

Hey, everyone!

Throughout this week, we have been introducing some new and exciting features.​


[​IMG] Starting with dust, which can be found by opening all types of crystals via Novis.

There are four types of dust, which correspond to each rarity - common, rare, epic and legendary. One piece of dust can be used to add one upgrade point to an item of its rarity. Dust is special because it can be universally applied to any item of its rarity, making it very useful if you do not have a duplicate of the item you want to upgrade.

New War Maps
[​IMG]Due to popular request, new maps have been added to the war servers!
The server will randomly rotate between the old and new maps when you queue up for a war. You have a 50/50 chance of landing on a new addition. Head into war and tell us what you think of the new maps!

Trade Up

[​IMG] [​IMG]
Tired of all those common items taking up chest space? Now there's a solution. Introducing trade-up, a new system which allows you to trade in 5 items of the same rarity to receive a crystal of the next highest rarity! The trade up NPC can be found at spawn near Novis on the left hand side. The trade up is only available Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, so make sure to plan accordingly!


More exciting additions soon to come! Enjoy.

Hello again everyone, today we have introduced some bows!

As of right now, there are 4 bows. One at each rarity. You can obtain these bows just like you obtain armor and weapons, through Crystals and Chests from the store.

Here are what the bows look like at level 1.


Obviously, these weapons also go all the way up to level 7!

We hope you guys enjoy the addition of some bows, we plan on releasing more bows in the future. Look forward to that.
Hello people of the world!

Today we have finalized some additions that we are happy to announce.

Faction Permissions
First off, a highly requested feature.. Faction Permissions!
We would like to thank @VelocityZ for making this recommendation, as it was a big inspiration to how we made the plugin.


The command is /f perm. If you look at the above pictures, you can see when you type /f perm it opens up a menu where you can edit what each group in the faction can do! You have multiple different permissions you can set for the groups. Just type /f perm in chat to see all options.

1v1s & Deathmatches
Something a lot of people have been asking for are the option to war in a 1v1.. Now you can!

If you are a high enough rank in your faction, and can start wars, you can now do 1v1s! If you type /f war you will notice the extra item added which you click to be queued up in a 1v1 vs someone else in another faction. 1v1s DO gain you some EXP and DO effect your RP. So keep that in mind.

One complaint we have been hearing about faction wars is that people are continuously hiding and camping, causing the wars to take forever.

We have now added Deathmatches! After 15 minutes of being in a war, if everyone isn't dead, you will be taken to a smaller arena where there is no place to run or hide, to fight to the death! We hope this causes a much more enjoyable faction war experience.

Raid Time Addition
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