Hello everyone! With this week's update, gather your friends or faction to fight the Wicked Witch, a difficult boss with many different forms. If you manage to beat her, you may even get access to some of the new gear we've introduced...

Boss Eggs
In order to fight the boss, you must first obtain a boss egg. To do so, visit our store and purchase some spawn eggs, or purchase them from other players. For now there is only one egg type on the store, but more will be added as we implement new bosses!

Once you have a boss egg, you can get started! Grab your best items, gear up, and type /warp arena to visit the Boss Arena. Right-click the egg onto the redstone lamp to spawn the boss and alert everyone on your server!
Once the battle has begun, a scoreboard on the right side of your screen will begin tracking the boss's remaining health and the 5 players who have done the most damage. This scoreboard will constantly change to keep up with the damage that players are outputting. The more damage you do, the better chance you have at a great reward!
After the boss has been killed, the 5 players on the leaderboard will receive a boss drop, with the summoner receiving a drop regardless of how much damage they dealt. To receive your rewards after the battle, type /rewards. The Wicked Witch boss is currently the only way of obtaining the two new weapons added to the server, so that gives you a little bit more motivation to be on the top 5 list!

New Weapons
To encourage players to try out the boss battles, we have added 2 new weapons to the Wicked Witch's...

Enchantment Balances
After a lot of thought and player feedback, we have decided to rework the way that a few of our enchantments work and how they scale with their levels. This is easily one of the most requested updates, so we hope you all enjoy!

  • Snares does not last as long, shouldn't render players immobile for 10+ seconds any longer
  • The chance for Pierce to activate has been lowered
  • Heavy Hand has a lower chance to activate, as well as a lower damage multiplier when it activates
  • Kadabra does not last as long, considering Heavy Hand has been rebalanced
  • Lightweight speed scaling has been decreased
Feel free to give us your feedback on these enchant balances, or if you would like to see any others reworked in the future! We feel that this will help make PvP a bit less of a game of chance, and focus more on skill and strategy.

New Factions
A major issue with the raiding currently is that players will hide behind an alternate, disposable faction in order to prevent themselves from being noticed or revenge raided. We will be looking into more efficient ways to prevent this from happening, but for the time being, all new factions start with 0 energy. New factions should be more worried about setting their base up anyways, so we don't think this will effect anyone other than those using new factions as a way to stay safe.

Although it took a very long vacation, Coinflip is back on the server! Type /coinflip to open the GUI, where you will see all available coinflips placed by other players. To create your own, click the green glass pane and choose how much you would like to wager, and whether you'd like heads or tails. When someone challenges you, the GUI will be brought back up and...

Faction Wars

After a very very long hiatus and by player demand, we have finally added Faction Wars back to the server! Battle against other factions across the servers in intense 3v3s to rise to the top of the global leaderboards. Players in the 3 factions with the most points at the end of the season will receive a reward for their effort. Good luck to all of you, and have fun!

Warzone Monsters
After over a year of a virtually empty warzone, monsters have risen from the depths! You will notice that the further you venture into the warzone, the more monsters surround you, and the more varieties you will see. Be especially weary of the Lost Soul, who will target you from more than 20 blocks away and is able to phase through any obstacles. More will be added over time, so stay tuned.

Fatigue Glitch
Finally, we've squashed this bug! The "fatigue glitch", or hand bug as many of you knew it, has finally been solved and fixed. Any players that had the bug should have it fixed immediately, and if for some reason you get it again, it will be fixed on relog. We thank you all for your patience with this issue, and we're VERY glad to finally be rid of it!

We've got some more features we plan on adding in the near future. Thank you all for your feedback and support!
1.12 Update
We've finally updated the server to 1.12! This means that you are now able to craft any of the blocks introduced in this update. We will also be adding some of the non-craftable blocks over time, so be sure to keep an eye out for those! You will still be able to play in previous versions, but you will not see any of the 1.12 blocks unless you are on that version.
Faction Banks
You can now store money in your Faction Bank! Players will have to have the required permission in order to interact with the bank. Money can be withdrawed using /f withdraw and deposited using /f deposit. On top of this, there is also a leaderboard to show the faction with the most money in their bank! Compete with the local factions to be the richest and most memorable faction on your server.

Halloween Chests
For a very limited time, you can purchase Halloween Chests from our store! Each chest contains 8 Rare items, 8 Epic items, 9 Legendary items, and 1 Spoopy item. These items will not be obtainable again until next Halloween, so hurry before they're gone!
There will also be a sale running until the day after Halloween, so be sure to take advantage of that while you can. Thank you all for your continued support!
Raids Enabled
After a good wait, we have finally enabled raids! Go along with your faction to ravage and loot enemy faction's bases. Be careful though, as anyone you raid will have the ability to get revenge on you. Prepare your base the best you can in the upcoming days to fend off any potential raiders!

Along with raids being enabled, we have removed raid immunity after being raided due to an exploit. This means that you will need to be prepared at all times for players to bombard your base!

Shop Adjustments
As per player request, we have changed the prices of some items, as well as the amount of items that can be sold per click.

- Sugar cane, leather, and cactus prices have been increased
- Sugar cane and cactus now sell in stacks of 64 instead of 16
- Iron ingots now sell in stacks of 32 instead of 16

If you have any suggestions for shop changes or price adjustments, feel free to create a thread. Remember to give us your feedback so that we can ensure that the community enjoys the content!