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  1. jacomazz
    jacomazz Its_Lexie
    I wanted to know if it was possible to transfer the data of my character (jacomazz) from server f1 to server f2, not necessarily also all the objects only the levels and the related skills points, waiting for your reply thanks
  2. zGamingGHG_YT
    Love this Server because there can he play Factions.
  3. 3MJoey
    3MJoey venomouse_HX
    can u fix wars
  4. 3MJoey
    3MJoey calledRisingSun
    On pit forge plz fix wars
  5. 3MJoey
    3MJoey MaxSpiralAxle
    On pit forge please fix wars
  6. Jorden
    Jorden Pat
    are you guys looking for any staff I have notice there inst anymore
  7. Virox
    Virox Deci
  8. Virox
    Virox Deci
    Could you Check the Autobans some Kid s name ByEnte is Chargebacking my whole Fac could ya Unbann us.
  9. Vini
    Vini KeonDZ
    HEy can you listing my appeal?
  10. robin
  11. MelleVG3
    MelleVG3 KeonDZ
    Do you have any commands about Plots on Pitforge?
    i Want to know the plot commands
  12. ArcherYT.
  13. harveybryant333'
    pls can i get unband i got bannd for charge back because it dint go hotbar so i ask my mum refund it nexs day it was in my inventory
  14. gremiii
    im not connect help me please
  15. TheSwagestGirl
  16. Rogerdark
  17. Rogerdark
  18. Rogerdark
    Rogerdark KeonDZ
    could you look at my ban appeal
  19. Rogerdark
    Rogerdark Deci
    Can you look my ban appeal ?
  20. ImmortalisJojo
    forgive and get forgiveness