[10/03/17] Raids and Shop Adjustments

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Deci, Oct 3, 2017.

By Deci on Oct 3, 2017 at 8:03 PM
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    Raids Enabled
    After a good wait, we have finally enabled raids! Go along with your faction to ravage and loot enemy faction's bases. Be careful though, as anyone you raid will have the ability to get revenge on you. Prepare your base the best you can in the upcoming days to fend off any potential raiders!

    Along with raids being enabled, we have removed raid immunity after being raided due to an exploit. This means that you will need to be prepared at all times for players to bombard your base!

    Shop Adjustments
    As per player request, we have changed the prices of some items, as well as the amount of items that can be sold per click.

    - Sugar cane, leather, and cactus prices have been increased
    - Sugar cane and cactus now sell in stacks of 64 instead of 16
    - Iron ingots now sell in stacks of 32 instead of 16

    If you have any suggestions for shop changes or price adjustments, feel free to create a thread. Remember to give us your feedback so that we can ensure that the community enjoys the content!
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Deci, Oct 3, 2017.

    1. LimpBiscuit
      Sounds like a good fac to raid ;)
    2. gtstarwars
      3k per egg, 1 dub of eggs, (54x64) x 3000 = worth more than IGS
    3. UmmmMrQuack
      Lel I have a Sybase with nothing inside and my underground base is under my farm! People never notice underground base
    4. Mole
      Well now we all know smh
    5. marlana
    6. Decipherer
      Why would you say that people could just look underground in the scout.
    7. Decipherer
      Probs trash stuff though if he doesn’t have a base to protect it.
    8. calledRisingSun
      Or they may don't want to raid you, cause you don't got like many chests or so?
    9. UmmmMrQuack
      Actually they don't notice the underground base because of the skybase
    10. calledRisingSun
      Just for information, while you're scouting, you are in Gamemode 3 and you can see everything. Dosent care if it's hided or not.
    11. Nando Wolf
      Nando Wolf
      Hacker hat unsere Faction geraided und alle Items gedroppt Der Hacker heißt leGoku
    12. Offensivebeast
      I cant wait for wars to come back!
    13. Decipherer
      How did u get in gamemode 3?
    14. Djamal
      Hello. Yesterday i got the Fist Bug. I want to speak for many players they have the hand bug. they cant use weapons anymore they have to fight with fist. i got killed and now i have the hand bug. it would be very nice if you fix the bug, my ign Is Marcuslastad :)
    15. calledRisingSun
      Post this into the Bugs & Issues section and file a report.
    16. PdotUmpking
      Please change Pumpkins to sell 64 per click too....please lol....I'd even be fine if you cut 3 dollars off each 16 to make it 440 per 64.....any chance?
    17. Reyleax
      Bought,10min ago noble to Ultra Rank Upgrade And 2min After that Ultra to mystic,does it work?
    18. Cyrus_Gaming
      U can do all of it at the same time

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