[11/11/17] Enchant Balances & Faction Nerf

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By Deci on Nov 11, 2017 at 9:16 PM
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    Enchantment Balances
    After a lot of thought and player feedback, we have decided to rework the way that a few of our enchantments work and how they scale with their levels. This is easily one of the most requested updates, so we hope you all enjoy!

    • Snares does not last as long, shouldn't render players immobile for 10+ seconds any longer
    • The chance for Pierce to activate has been lowered
    • Heavy Hand has a lower chance to activate, as well as a lower damage multiplier when it activates
    • Kadabra does not last as long, considering Heavy Hand has been rebalanced
    • Lightweight speed scaling has been decreased
    Feel free to give us your feedback on these enchant balances, or if you would like to see any others reworked in the future! We feel that this will help make PvP a bit less of a game of chance, and focus more on skill and strategy.

    New Factions
    A major issue with the raiding currently is that players will hide behind an alternate, disposable faction in order to prevent themselves from being noticed or revenge raided. We will be looking into more efficient ways to prevent this from happening, but for the time being, all new factions start with 0 energy. New factions should be more worried about setting their base up anyways, so we don't think this will effect anyone other than those using new factions as a way to stay safe.

    Although it took a very long vacation, Coinflip is back on the server! Type /coinflip to open the GUI, where you will see all available coinflips placed by other players. To create your own, click the green glass pane and choose how much you would like to wager, and whether you'd like heads or tails. When someone challenges you, the GUI will be brought back up and will randomly choose the winner. Good luck!

    We've got some more updates that we are very excited to show you all, but those are tucked away for now. Thank you all for your support, and we hope you are enjoying playing!
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Deci, Nov 11, 2017.

    1. gtstarwars
      Me and darkrai did bows only and still feels same in terms of ppl dying fast, just land ur hits lol
    2. Phantomheld
      @gtstarwars what do you think about Fury bow level 7 (bleed4 disarmour4) is it good?
    3. MrChickenFingers
      If you shoot a person while hes bleeding by that bow it bypasses armor which means its better than the magic bow at that moment
    4. Maxletsplay12
    5. Maxletsplay12
      Bleed got buffed to fix to fix the carrot on a stick now bleed is maybe better than heavyhand...
      Next a Bleed nerf pls
    6. MrChickenFingers
      bleeds not that op its only when you shoot someone with a bow while they are bleeding
    7. Phantomheld
      Why should you nerve bleed?! Its not onehitting everyone...
    8. LoveMyAmaterasu
      Nice pvp balance update ^.^
    9. Maxletsplay12
      I think tank skills + bleed is 2 op
    10. gtstarwars
      Tank enchant not working rip xD
    11. Maxletsplay12
      Tank skills... not enchsnts
    12. connorp2005
      Does ffa still work?
    13. MrChickenFingers
    14. connorp2005
      Is the sever down just for me or everyone?
    15. VolleTruhe
      For everyone
    16. Atticus Evans
      Atticus Evans
      You Lowered the chance for Heavy hand and Pierce to proc Which is fine, but you Lowered the damage of Heavy Hand When it does proc But you didn't lower The damage for Pierce Which Is unbalanced, and in my opinion You lowered the heavy hand proc damage way to low
    17. connorp2005
    18. Atticus Evans
      Atticus Evans
      lol The snare was a good thing to nerf but the rest i'm not so sure about.
    19. Netflix
      Bring back the old carb.. with this new update you barely do 60 hp if you JUMP DECIMATE PROC
    20. Netflix
      I like the nerf on Snares and Kadabra though ;)

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