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By Deci on Nov 28, 2017 at 4:26 PM
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    Hello everyone! With this week's update, gather your friends or faction to fight the Wicked Witch, a difficult boss with many different forms. If you manage to beat her, you may even get access to some of the new gear we've introduced...

    Boss Eggs
    In order to fight the boss, you must first obtain a boss egg. To do so, visit our store and purchase some spawn eggs, or purchase them from other players. For now there is only one egg type on the store, but more will be added as we implement new bosses!

    Once you have a boss egg, you can get started! Grab your best items, gear up, and type /warp arena to visit the Boss Arena. Right-click the egg onto the redstone lamp to spawn the boss and alert everyone on your server!
    Once the battle has begun, a scoreboard on the right side of your screen will begin tracking the boss's remaining health and the 5 players who have done the most damage. This scoreboard will constantly change to keep up with the damage that players are outputting. The more damage you do, the better chance you have at a great reward!
    After the boss has been killed, the 5 players on the leaderboard will receive a boss drop, with the summoner receiving a drop regardless of how much damage they dealt. To receive your rewards after the battle, type /rewards. The Wicked Witch boss is currently the only way of obtaining the two new weapons added to the server, so that gives you a little bit more motivation to be on the top 5 list!

    New Weapons
    To encourage players to try out the boss battles, we have added 2 new weapons to the Wicked Witch's loot table. These weapons are:

    Witch's Staff, an Epic-tier item with slower scaling attack speed and decently high damage
    Boo's Curse, a Legendary-tier item with moderate scaling attack speed and moderate damage

    These weapons also come decked with new enchantments, which could very well give you an edge in your next faction war!

    We've got some more updates planned for the next few weeks, so stay tuned, and we hope you enjoy!
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Deci, Nov 28, 2017.

    1. JnADeegan
    2. Callum
    3. TheFr3shSquad
    4. calledRisingSun
    5. 2yoda
      Can't wait! But is PVP enabled in the arena?
    6. calledRisingSun
      No it isn't
    7. Criticql_
      Really cool, but what are the enchants for Boos Curse? (First and whatever comes after)
    8. Fussel1812YT
      You should fix raids first befor you adding new Stuff! As well should you do that only players that you wantet to join can join
    9. VolleTruhe
      Omg awesome deci <3 but i think the bow players have no chance in the boss fights.
    10. Muyst | <3
      Muyst | <3
      Lol? Bowers have a huge advantage, since the witch flies
    11. Netflix
      @Deci will there be anymore bosses other then witch..?
    12. Rsinfinity
      Cool i might just buy one cause of thoose weapons. Im glad you brought the bosses from skyrealms over to here.
    13. SalamiSlize
      Deegam <3
    14. DJEGOD
      When will the servers be up?

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