Denied 2 Afk Farmers

Discussion in 'Player Reports' started by xDarkBot_, Oct 12, 2017.

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  1. 1. Server: F2
    2. Your account name: xDarkBot_
    3. Minecraft name (of offender): 123Endure and elosalkin
    4. Offense committed: AFK Grinding with mob aura
    5. Proof:
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  2. love you, that guy is a pain in the arse
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  3. How did you record this? Freecam or what ? xD
  4. whole the faction does it xD same for GreenPhoenix
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  5. And because He was afk Farming he moved around? xD He just farmed and wasnt afk but ok ^^
  6. yeah 1 guy actually moved. but if you look they are looking at a mob after it spawned and their heads always followed it. its obviously mob aura. i have a full 4 minute clip if the staff needs (scouting timer is broken af) but for now ill show this since my alt faction isnt on it and all. because it was on my alt
  7. Why does staff never reply to threats with solid proof....
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  8. we wasn´t afk we where ts the whole time and I stand there for like 5mins
  9. and how it´s possible that u have a 4min vid when the scouting is 2 mins long ...
  10. and also I never would try to afk grind mobs I have mystic and gkit why I should farm afk?
  11. Obviously I was at my pc and grind the blazes by myself. Our whole faction was in discord while elosalkin and I farmed there. We spoke to each other. And if you want to report real hackers scout GreenPhoenix.
  12. He wasn't using freecam he was scouting the base, i just saw that base and those people they weren't afk at that time
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  13. if they where afk or not doesnt matter. they did use mobaura so thats what matters... mobaura gets labeld as afk farming it doesnt matter if theyre afk or not
  14. look at 1:54... elosalkin mobaura... and same for endure123 at the start and if u want more proof on endure i have a 4min video...
  15. I didn´t use mobaura.
  16. I pressed the left button of my mousen for each hit.
  17. You know what a mouse is? dark?
  18. left boutton is for hitting
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