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Discussion in 'Handled Ban Appeals' started by Maxletsplay12, Nov 3, 2017.

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  1. Dear Server Team from
    My Username is DdosSchaf. Today ill tell you why i got banned and after that ill Show u my proof
    Second Username is MAxletsplay12 ( old account from my friend)
    I got banned for reach on the Maxletsplay12 acc. I tried to get unbanned 3 times but evrytime the Server Team ignored me. I told a lot of Mods / Helpers in the ingame Chat to look at my ban Appeal because i have a proof. but no1 look on my ban Appeal. Thatswhy i thought shit on my second acc and only Focus on my main acc ( DdosSchaf) i dont wanted to waste more time for ban Appeals. Now i write the 5 Points Deci said we Need to unbanned
    1. DdosSchaf, Maxletsplay12
    2. I got banned for Hackclient ( Reach) on Maxletsplay12 and for Ban Evasion
    3. thats the Video where i Show all my Folders
    4. I got banned from DecidiousJam
    5. I believe that ill get unbanned cuz I never hacked on pitforge and love to Play there. Im sorry that i played on the DdosSchaf acc after i got banned on Maxletsplay12 ik that, that was shitty i do that cuz i was very angry first i got banned for nothing than the mods / admins / helper ignored my ban Appeals if ill get ever banned again i swear i wont Ban evade. I hope u can Understand me.
    Thanks for your Help
    Im sorry for my bad english im a german guy in the 9th class thatswhy my english is very bad hope u can understand this THX
  2. pls unban me in the Video u can see my Folders i modididet them last at the 8th october and i got banned at the 23th october that means i couldnt hack there and than is the first ban not fair and the ban Evasion too hope ull see that deci :3
  3. Recycle bin and Desktop proof !
  4. Deleting all comments and locking until Deci reviews it.
  5. You admitted to ban evading meaning there is nothing we can do. Denied.
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