Accepted Ban evasion

Discussion in 'Handled Ban Appeals' started by SoulPact, Oct 4, 2017.

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  1. Yo Pitforge again,
    it's the second thread because of the ban appeal format, so im going to repeat everything with the new format.
    1. Minecraft Username: SoulPact
    2. Ban evasion
    3. Proof for ban evasion? Not possible.
    4. DeciduousJam
    5. Because I didn't do anything. As I said my brother also played on this server and I know that he got banned because reconnect hack or whatever it was. But I'm not him, so I'm a Innocent.

    .minecraft folder: upload_2017-10-4_12-59-36.png
    Mods: not available, because no mods folder
    Version folder: upload_2017-10-4_13-7-18.png
    Recycle Bin(don't know how this will help you): upload_2017-10-4_12-54-24.png
    Desktop: Can't post, because too large, but there's nothing but if you still want it, I could upload it on imgur or something like that.

    have a nice day and thanks for processing

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  2. Sure.
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