Denied Banned but Mod said its allowed

Discussion in 'Handled Ban Appeals' started by Unkraut, Oct 17, 2017.

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  1. 1. Minecraft Username: Unkraut

    2. What were you banned for: Irl Scamming

    3. Do you have any proof against what you are being accused of: Yes screens that KeonDZ said its allowed

    4. Who banned you: MaxSpiralAxle

    5. Why do you believe you should be unbanned: Because a mod told my brother that the way my brother scammed JumpingJohn_ is allowed. (my brother scammed with my account(he wasnt allowed to do that!) u have to know i wasnt home and he knew my account password idk how he could knew it) . Because of that he scammed him (at this day like 5h the new rules were online and added) . I would say i should be unbanned because it was not realy me who IRL scammed (i would never do that thats to mean in my opinion) ( and i know its my account i should not have a password that someone could know ( idk where my brother knows it from it was acually pretty hard)). And yesterday the report of JumpingJohn_ was denied and now it got accepted what i dont realy understand :/ . I hope you understand me and that my brother thought it was/is allowed because the rules were new. I already talked a word with my brother. Thank you for your time and a good day.( the screen of KeonDZ saying that its allowed was made yesterday in the evening where the new rules were already added)

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  2. Glad ur banned. :)
  3. It doesn't matter who did it, you have to carry for your account.

    Nvm I'm tagging @MaxSpiralAxle for you...
  4. I said In game scamming is allowed, not IRL Scamming.
  5. @KeonDZ yeah he did it just like u said it said it is allowed that he will buy him the rank and scammed the items
    No Money got lost
  6. Thank u <3
  7. Rules were updated weeks ago, should've read them
  8. If im not completly dumb, this wasnt an irl scam.

    He scammed the items, and thats allowed.

    1. He is buying a rank for u.
    2. U are not giving him the Items. <-- IRL scam

    1. U are giving the items to him
    2. He is not buying the rank. <--- Normal Scam
  9. Read the rules. Both are IRL scams now.
  10. denied, you are responsible for your own account, and the rules have been updated on this matter awhile ago.~
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