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Discussion in 'Pitforge Media' started by Maxletsplay12, Nov 12, 2017.

  2. Smart, good video and good proof i hope you get unbanned!
  3. Thx
  4. You really should get unbanned, its obvious that u didnt hacked... & the point is, u didnt hacked, so u couldnt ban evade if u werent banned false.
  5. I think you must send it under bann appeals with the format i hope you get unbanned.
  6. I sended already ty
  7. "sent" you mean
  8. Ok sry
    Im german
  9. Good luck getting unbanned I guess
  10. Ty
  11. Oh btw make your appeal/post in Ban Appeals, it will be easier for staff to find and this one will just be ignored
  12. I made 1 3 weeks ago
  13. If you made one 3 weeks ago then make one again
  14. Just don't constantly make an appeal everyday xD
  15. index.php?threads/ban-appeal.1751/
  16. index.php?threads/ban-appeal.1751/ The other dlnt work

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