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    so, it's been awhile since pitforge has had some much needed attention, so obviously, as it can be when it is left unattended, the server has a lot of bugs that need to be fixed. i myself have not been on as much as of late due to school and other things, so i am not up to date with all of the current problems on the server. so, that's where the purpose of this thread comes in. all of you with bugs and issues that annoy you the most, please tell me here what the bug is, using the format i provide. please keep it to one post, though you can make it as long as you want. i will delete extra posts, mind you. now, keep in mind, this does not assure that we can fix all of the bugs mentioned, but we will try our best so that the server can be in its best possible state.~

    Bug or Issue:
    How long has this persisted:
    How much does this affect your playing experience:

    now, with that being said, sorry for all the inconveniences regarding the server, but i'll try my best to assure at least some concerns are dealt with.~
  2. My faction commands don't work and I am unable to use the commands to promote/kick my faction members. It just says "payer not found", but when i tried to invite them it said they were already in a faction.
  3. Creeper Eggs Don't Work at Raids:

    I first noticed this bug yesterday during a raid however I only started playing again since last year a few days ago and this was my first raid since then so it may have persisted for longer.

    This bug affects the playing experience of everyone on the server greatly. Creeper eggs are one of the biggest parts of raiding and without them you can't blow up chests, Spawners or anything else unless your cannon is lined up perfectly with it. It is absolutely crucial that this is fixed, especially considering that this is a factions server.

    Other Info: When I tried to place creeper eggs at a raid it said "Sorry, you can not place that here".


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