How To Stop Glitch-Raiding

Discussion in 'Bugs and Issues' started by NineTailedFibo, Nov 3, 2018.

  1. As you guys may have noticed are many kind of different glitches existing on Pitforge to enter bases without using cannons or other proper possibilities.
    Several People told me, how to enter bases, by using glitches, i neither tried or executed one of them so far, nor will i explain in detail how to abuse this bugs.
    All these bugs do basically need a collaboration between the /raid spectator-mode and any kind of teleportation-ability like /tpahere.

    I promise you that, if /raid is only accessable, when you don't are in an outgoing tpahere, when you're out of combat and no enderpearl, that is in the air, glitch-raiding will be impossible.

    Very Similar to this, is that Immortals are able to glitch out of the plot on its top, borders should be placed at y=256 and players should be teleported back, if they are detected to be at y>256.

    Fixing glitch-raiding requires, that:
    Raid is not accessable if:

    You are sending any kind tpas
    You have thrown an enderpearl (in the last 20 seconds e.g.)

    Place Borderblocks at y=256
    and stop anyone to persist above y=256

    to make your base safe against glitch-raids, you still need a wall that is at least two-blocks thick and not made of obsidian, trust me

    it is very easy now to take action against glitch-raiding, thanks for reading this, bringing f1 back up again and hopefully fixing it



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