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  1. instant keto lly the who come in and they say I want to lose weight I'm working out five days a week I'm doing boot try to do it myself and then dr. Fred Victor is my boys also a cardiologist explained to me when to order a stress test and when to order CT coronary angiogram and after like two minutes I was like they're coming to you yeah yeah it gets go so I think that I don't want to step outside my comfort level I want to know that they're clear and I want to make sure these people are getting the most appropriate tests I mean the last thing I need is for 55 year-old healthy guy to come into my office I put him an exercise meth you ever meet a fat runway model nope nope what real drugs do is I think the pharmaceuticals definitely have a place in weight loss medicine I mean losing weight is so hard as it is like look at Oprah she

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