I should be unbanned from the webstore.

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Glauty0tor, Apr 23, 2018.

  1. 1. Glauty0tor (Formerly, DeUltimateWizard)

    2. I was banned from the webstore for chargeback (I believe this is the case, I am not entirely sure as this was quite a while ago, and I only learned about it recently.)

    3. I do not have any proof against what I have been accused of.

    4. I do not know who banned me. I don't know how to access who was banned, for what, and by whom.

    (This is all under the pretence that I was banned because of chargeback on the server. I am still not entirely certain why I have been banned, but I hope I can learn if I am correct, or if I am wrong.)

    I believe that I should be unbanned because it was not me who charged back. Just before the server started to get attacked, for not following the Mojang eula, I had done an IRL deal for a rank. It is my belief that the person who I had done the IRL deal with had decided to charge back, to try and get their money back, once the server was shutting down. This is likely what had caused my account to be banned from the webstore, making it impossible for me to buy anything in the future. I believe that this was not my fault, as it was not me who was the one who charged back, but instead, the person who I had done the IRL deal with. The reason I had not realized this sooner, is because, once I had lost access to the server, I had stopped playing, thinking that Mojang might actually shut the server down and thankfully, I was wrong. I cannot provide proof, as I saw no reason to keep it once I received the rank on the server, so I will fully understand if you choose to refuse my appeal. I would also like to know if this ban will also apply to the alt account that I will be purchasing, hopefully in the near future. Many thanks, and regardless of the response thank you for your time in looking over my ban appeal for the webstore.

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