I Waited Much Time (2)

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by LequitPong, Aug 12, 2018.


You want me Back on the Server?

  1. Yes your Okay :)

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  2. No just Shut the **** up :(

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  1. Hello, Pitforge Community
    1. Minecraft Username: LeqitPong my Name was there CuzImLike i think .-.

    2. What are you banned for: Hacked Client

    3.Do you have any proof against what you are being accused of: No

    4. Who banned you: @Nacato but he isnt Active ^^

    5. Why I shloud be unbanned:
    I waited Time Tried often to write a Ban Appeal (6) thats another Account , and me and my Friend wants to play Back on this Server.

    6. What I did? Why I got banned? I used Bhop to get Faster to the Chests and Run away from other Players , I got banned cuz i used Bhop / hacked Client .-.

    Pls Second Chance i write so often a Ban Appeal i love this Server there were No reason if i want to hack again and write so Often a Ban Appeal. And before i get banned i head a Rank (mystic)

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