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  1. Hello, Pitforge Community i was banned 2years Ago (My name is Leon) and i want this Server back and i get banned. Thats my New acc in this Online Page because i didnt know my Old E-mail :D . And i want back on this Server.. i dont know how much Players you are on this Server but i want back my Rank (Mystic) .
    The Reason why i get banned is i Hacked... unfair for you but you have to know it was a very big mistake from my side ... This is my more than 4 Unban Conversation and i wanted back this Server My Name at this time was CuzImLive i think^^ The only info that i just have is :

    Reason: Hacked-Client- Bhop ~ Bunneh
    Banned By: [Staff] Nacato
    Banned on 2016-12-11
    Time Reamining : Forever
    And pls i never never will hack again but i litteraly know now that you dont UNBAN Hackers but Please it's my last Chance . I were Older in this Time xD and ik Hacking is Shit and ik there it was Unfair at this point but
    i used Bhop to get Faster to the chests it was to slow for me :D and Ya.
    I Hope you will Unban me . That were a nice Surprise for me but i just try it... :(
    (Ger) if you want to speak with me in my Language
  2. Me and My friend just want to play both on this Server :)
    not more if you want deny me all my ranks and something Else because i dont know what is happening on the Server :/
  3. Im just Dumb

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