I want to play again ~ Sorry.

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by ChaseWilcox06, Jul 11, 2018.

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    2.IP sharing in /msg.

    3.(How do I take a screenshot while in the Minecraft server screen? Will add in replies after.)


    5.I believe I should be unbanned because I had typed this in a private message to my friend: LelItzPanda and I also believe I should be unbanned because this was a very long time ago, I would love to get playing this server again, and I've been trying to get some YouTuber friends I know start a series on it and Revive it again, but I wouldn't want to do that if I couldn't guide them on their journey, anyways what I am saying is I would like to be unbanned because I would just plain out play it again,
    I used to play it everyday, and my favorite weapon was the Small Dagger, I don't know if that has been removed while I have been gone, but I hope it hasn't. I hope you take my appeal into consideration, and actually read this whole long ass thing,

    -Best regards, Chase. PS. I was banned on 2017-11-03

    @MaxSpiralAxle @KeonDZ @calledRisingSun @Deci
  2. I had appealed many times before last year when I was banned, I hope someone else can take it into their hands and give me my justice! <3
  3. Here is 3. screenshot_20180711_154925.png

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