messy and beachy looking like this my

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  1. messy and beachy looking like this my favorite way to play up the texture is with braids this is a super easy half up style that literally takes a minute to do and all I did was take my hair around my crown area brought it to the back and braided a regular three strand braid I also pulled it apart a little bit to add some thickness to it another way I like to style my beachy waves is by rocking a braided half-up style this is one of my favorites and all I'm doing is picking up a small section of hair from the top of one side splitting the section into three strands and braiding a one-sided French braid so as you know a classic French braid is when you combine hair from the outside of the braid into Tressurge the strand of hair that you are crossing over the middle strand and you're repeating the step on both sides of the braid so it sticks to your head from both sides a one-sided French braid is the same technique except only you want to add in hair to one side of the braid in this case I'm only adding in hair to the side

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