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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Kem, Oct 12, 2017.

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  1. When you hit/have 1k Subscribers and you make a Video presentation about Pitforge you get the "mini YT Rank"

    Details: (When you've got Mini YT Rank)

    - I'ts Not the real YT Rank
    - You have a YT Prefix
    - You can do /feed /near /tpahere
    /nv and more but Not /fly
    -You can colour you red/blue and Green
    -You can link Videos (about Pitforge)

    -You can join füll Servers

    And thats it 15k for a YT Rank is ok but Not many Youtubers got 15k so I made this Suggestion


  2. See it too
  3. I believe this is quite a good idea
  4. Yeah, a youtuber rank for youtubers who don't got a big amount of subs, sounds good.
  5. this pretty much just seems like a noble rank, minus the kit. anyways, we most likely will not add this. we need a certain standard for youtubers, and that is the current amount. having at least that amount is just an indicator that you've been doing it for awhile, and are mature in online interactions. you can already post your own videos on forums, if you wish to try and get more viewers that way. good luck.~
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