Resolved My gold chest bugged away (have a record)

Discussion in 'Bugs and Issues' started by Sir_Kev, Oct 11, 2017.

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  1. My name is Sir_kev and i play on f4.
    I have the problem that my gold chest bugged away (i just got 1 item:aluminium boots)
    i also have a record,but its really bad (you cant see the whole screen)
    (The record is to big so i cant load it up here)
    I bought the chest from a other player for 45000$ ingame money.
    When i opened the chest i only saw the boots and nothing else and then the chest closed.
  2. Upload your video and make a link to it.
  3. where should i load it up its to big
  4. yt ^^
  5. The player that had sold it to you most likely took everything out except for one item and then sold it to you, hence why there is only one item. I'm assuming you took the aluminum boots from the chest and that is the reason you no longer have it.
  6. OK, der Name des Spielers, der es mir verkauft hat, war darktia27
    Was sollte ich jetzt tun
  7. as melly said, you were most likely scammed by someone who left one item in the chest, and then sold it to you. when you took out the boots, the chest disappeared because that was the last item in it. unfortunately, in-game scamming is allowed. sorry for your loss of items.~
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