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    Offence: Advertising
    Punishment: Permanent Ban
    Description: Any attempt to draw players away from Pitforge. Includes but not limited to posting IP addresses, saying server names, ect.

    Offence: Chargeback/Chargeback Threats
    Punishment: Permanent Ban
    Description: Disputing payments made to the server or threatening to do so.

    Offence: Inappropriate Skin
    Punishment: Permanent Ban
    Description: Nude, nazi, or explicit skins. Appeal once the skin has been changed and you will be unbanned.

    Offence: Hacked Clients
    Punishment: Permanent Ban
    Description: Use, distribution, or advertisement of modified clients that provide an unfair advantage over other players. There are no second chances if you are caught hacking.

    Offence: Bug Abuse
    Punishment: Discretionary (2 days - permanent ban)
    Description: Using bugs in the game for your benefit. Examples include any dupe glitches or bugs that allow you to get to otherwise inaccessible areas, killing players on your island, locking players inside of nether portals, etc.

    Offence: Forgery
    Punishment: Permanent Ban
    Description: Forging any documents pertaining to the server such as sales receipts, Buycraft emails, support emails, screenshots for player reports, ect.

    Offence: Ban Evasion
    Punishment: Discretionary (matched ban - permanent ban)
    Description: Use of an alternative account while another account on your IP address or an account you own is banned.

    Offence: Use of Un-Approved Mods
    Punishment: Permanent Ban
    Description: Using mods not listed on the approved list that affect gameplay. Examples include but are not limited to nameplate highlights, printer, auto-sneak, auto-clicker, macros, radar, tracers, entities on mini-maps, ect. Macros are not allowed if they give you a significant advantage over other players, such as /heal, /home, or /visit macros.

    Offence: Auto-Mining/Fishing
    Punishment: Permanent Ban
    Description: Any sort of AFK/Auto-Mining/Fishing. Examples include placing something heavy on your mouse, using an auto-clicker, taping your mouse, etc.

    Offence: DDoS, DDoS Threats, Hack Threats or General Threats
    Punishment: Permanent Ban
    Description: Any sort of threats directed at players will not be tolerated. If you have an issue with what a player is doing, contact a staff member to resolve the issue rather than take it
    into your own hands.

    Offence: Release of Personal Information
    Punishment: Permanent Ban
    Description: Releasing another player's personal information without their consent. This includes but is not limited to home addresses, names, IP address, ect.

    Offence: Phishing
    Punishment: Permanent Ban
    Description: Attempting to steal a player's personal information, which includes but is not limited to home addresses, account logins, IP addresses, full names, ect.

    Offence: IRL Scamming
    Punishment: Permanent Ban
    Description: Any promise of an IRL purchase that isn't upheld. Do NOT offer
    to buy/give a rank in exchange for in-game items if you do not
    plan on keeping your end of the bargain.

    Offence: Encouraging Chargeback
    Punishment: Permanent Ban
    Description: Encouraging a player to dispute money on the server.

    Offence: Blackmail
    Punishment: Temporary Ban - 4 Days
    Description: "Give me ___ or I'll get you banned" or anything related.

    Offence: Staff Impersonation
    Punishment: Temporary Ban - 3 days
    Description: Player states that he or she is currently staff (does not have a staff tag), or threatens to ban a player. Often ties in with blackmail.

    Offence: Illegal Trade
    Punishment: Permanent Ban
    Description: Trades that involve direct personal gain, such as offering to trade in-game currency for real money, ranks on other servers, gift cards, etc. with the exception of Steam items and network ranks. Can be appealed for the first offence.

    Offence: Racism and Homophobic Slurs
    Punishment: Discretionary (1 day - permanent ban)
    Description: Any form of racist slurs blocked or not blocked by our filters. Use your common sense and mature judgement. Any homophobic slurs such as "gay", "fag", "faggot", ect. Ban will be extended 1 day for each derogatory word used.

    Offence: Harassment
    Punishment: Discretionary (1 day - permanent ban)
    Description: Intentionally trying to harass another player or staff member by saying offensive, hurtful or plain rude remarks. Subjective offence; punishment issued at staff digression. The punishment duration will be determined by the staff member handling the offense.

    Offence: Staff Disrespect
    Punishment: Discretionary (Temporary mute - permanent ban)
    Description: This rule was added due to people repeatedly talking back to staff when told to behave. Intentionally causing issues with staff members. Staff disrespect will not be tolerated at all, so be sure to speak politely. If you feel that a staff member has done something wrong, send a ticket to the support system or contact an admin.

    Offence: Spam/Excessive Caps/Fancy Chat
    Punishment: Discretionary (10 minute mute/ban - 1 day mute/ban)
    Description: Spamming another player with teleportation requests, /messages, or general repetition of phrases, random characters, or multiple messages in chat with little to no delay. Any use of fonts other than default Minecraft chat. Excessive use of capitalization.

    Offence: Profanity
    Punishment: Discretionary (10 minute mute - permanent ban)
    Description: Any profanity in chat or bypassing the chat filter we have in place. Exceptions
    are softer words like "damn" or "hell".

    Offence: Illegal Items
    Punishment: Discretionary (Items taken/Permanent ban)
    Description: Owning any items that clearly do not belong in your possession.

    Please note that all rules are subject to change. Staff members are to be
    listened to at all times. If a staff member is telling you to do something
    you aren't comfortable or do not agree with, send a ticket with
    proof and context regarding the situation.
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