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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Deci, Oct 11, 2017.

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  1. If fwars are backing I'm returning full time
  2. Yess :p
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  3. F WAR!!! <3 <3 <3 ;);):cool::cool:
  4. Please make insiding bannable it really is just the worst thing ever.
  5. Insiding should not be bannable
    f wars should come back definitely
    and the priced on lav idc
  6. I like insideing it is fun
  7. How. It just ruins peoples faction completely. Thats one of the reason ive never invited anyone else to my faction besides people I know IRL.
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  9. Nothing in the world comes without risks , if you want a good faction, you'll need people you trust.
  10. Insiding should be bannable.
  11. F wars
  12. i really dont think insideing should be a banreason, because its the leaders fault if they are naive enough to invite insiders to their faction and loose their stuff to them, in my opinion those ppl should just get a tag that says "insider" or something if they get cought
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  13. Please fix the Warzone before you do something like F War! I am so looking forward to the fix on F2... its sometimes quite boring because I am only building up my base :D
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  14. Just like for a warning, or something would be nice...
  15. Nah I prefer F Wars first it would be better to come faster.
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  16. i love ruining lives and factions it is fun :)
  17. Why Horse eggs?!
    I like them, I want some to build a stable for :(

    Poor Unwanted Horses :(
  18. Well, many people use the horse egg glitch to glitch into enemy bases
  19. Oh?? How would they do that?
    I didnt know sorry ok remove em :(
  20. Bring F wars back PLZ
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