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  1. Hello Pitforge Community

    I guess some of you are wondering why I resign. I resigned about 3 weeks ago but I wanted to check and I still get question and request for ban appeals/unbans. The reason why I left was that I was bored and I wasn't motivated to continue doing this. I got exhausted of Staffing in Minecraft and I have bigger plans for myself in the future and I can't let this get in my way. For those who got banned by me and are still waiting for an appeal, I hate to do this but you will have to ask another staff member to look into it. It's been a good run but all good things must end eventually. Thanks to all my good friends who made my staff experience an amazing one throughout the years.
  2. Good luck with your future Plans, quit when its most beautiful! :)

    Is there still any Staff on Pitforge? It seems like all Moderators on the Forum wasnt online for a long time :(


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