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  1. denied for wat?
  2. @ZFerrisPlayz
  3. IGN (In-game Name): Cyrus_Gaming
    Timezone: MYT (UTC +0800)
    Previous Factions (If any): None after the reset
    What can you help bring to the faction (building, pvp, etc): To be honest I suck in mostly everything, but I can help out in building if you need help with that, and otherwise, I'm just a loyal faction member.
    Why do you want to join this faction?: Well, mostly because I'm familiar with most of the faction members and I hope to rejoin you guys and might as well put all my effort onto trying to help the faction.
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  4. IGN: D3rpMast3r
    Timezone: Central Time Zone (UTC-06:00)
    Previous Factions(If any): I used to be in BraveHeart about 3 resets ago, haven't played in a while
    What can you bring: I am trash at pvp since I have about 2fps, but I can help build and have never insided. (ask friends on discord)
    Why do you want to join this faction?: I'm really lonely and need friends, also I know a lot of people in the faction.
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  5. What actions do you mean? Its been a year ago and I changend my mind about my language and my behaviour
  6. IGN (In-game Name): YoshiCrafter
    Timezone: EST UTC-5:00
    Previous Factions (If any): As for F4, none but in pre-rest mostly braveheart and Pear which kinda died fast. As for post rest, I was in Braveheart F2 but now currently in F2 WeAin'tScared
    What can you help bring to the faction (building, pvp, etc): building walls and stuff also have /fly which could help, gather items in the warzone (if there are any chest left,fwars (from the poll looks like they're coming back), and help defend from raiders.
    Why do you want to join this faction?: I like trying to make a faction bigger. What I mean by that is to get more spawners, expand the base, help in the warzone, etc. Like right now you guys are working towards an IG, what I would do is try to make money from selling things I don't need and going into the warzone to help raise money for it basically the typical average everyday member. Another point to that is it's just fun for me to help out and see factions expand while you grow. Like in pre braveheart we had around 40 blaze spawners which made me almost max level and when I joined only had I think 16 being level 25-35.

    Sidenote: I do play F2 for most of the time on Pitforge but definitely can play on F4 too.
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  7. Denied - Reason as to why will not be given on here.

    Denied - Was discussed between officers etc.

    Accepted. Welcome to the faction and I will direct message you shortly with our discord link.
  8. Current members been updated~
  9. In Game Name: JeepBlack
    Timezone: UnitedStates Eastern
    Previous Facs: Haven't play on this server since last reset and i made my own fac
    What i can bring: i am a decent fighter but good with a bow, i can make a decend sand cannon and i like to build bases and slab
    Why I want to join: i want to join because i am looking for something new i normally play on F1 but with people who dont play much and i also got told by a recruit Cyrus_gaming that i should come here to try and join, i met Cyrus from kit trading i am a knight rank.
  10. Im guessing i cant reapply? :( <3
  11. IGN (In-game Name):RipYourWifi (Its a meme between me and a few friends)

    Timezone: EST 5:00

    Previous Factions (If any): FactionOfDoom on F4, Just a recruit joined through a mutual friend.

    What can you help bring to the faction (building, pvp, etc): I'm pretty good at base knowledge, and willing to do basework. I am a very good cannoner, and my pvp is above average, pvp isn't my strong suit though. I am also very loyal, and have a pretty decent reputation in the community.

    Why do you want to join this faction?: I want to join this faction because I believe that with the amount of staff members in it currently, there won't be a lot of hacking/scamming like in other factions. I also would like to have an active faction, and due to there being staff members in it, I would assume they have a requirement on how active they must be. Another reason is, I want a faction that is thriving to prosper, which I believe your faction is.

    Extra: My level is 37 on F4, Which will mean that you will have one of the higher levels on the server in your faction, if that helps any for my application. I am also very active on F4, Everyday at least 2-3 hours a day.
  12. Maybe wait a week or longer
  13. Ok and can we just drop everything an not argue? :)
  14. IGN (In-game Name):


    Previous Factions (If any):
    Well, I guess not because I am joining back after a very long time not playing. Don't worry though, I still know how to play and kept my gear and incredible pvp skill (haha)

    What can you help bring to the faction (building, pvp, etc):
    I am an incredible builder, just ask Its_Lexie, I was the builder for her realm a while back in SkyRealms. I am also a good raider and very skilled and expierienced PvPer.

    Why do you want to join this faction?:
    After being away from this server for so long, I feel like a good faction can really help get me back into the game. I have good sets and that, but a lot has changed. Anyways, it would be really great working with you guys on projects and things like that. Thanks for your consideration!

    Also I have plenty of vouches, if needed, just ask.

  15. Edit - I also am very good at building defended bases, including regen walls and roofs. I specialize mostly at making very nice structures though, like I mentioned before. I can also show screenshots. Thanks again!
  16. Congratulations! You will be receiving an invite to our discord shortly and we will add you to the faction soon. :- )

    Congratulations to you as well! I will sent you a link to the discord and from there we will discuss the next steps.
  17. So bun, Purity told me to wait a week then ask if I can apply again so... can I?
  18. I will discuss it with those in our recruiting chat and will let you know via discord.
  19. kk :D:D

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