Stop being a shit owner pat

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  1. Just gonna be discussing why I think server owners are shit. Basicly they only doin this for the money. When SSundee was playing there were on constantly and giving updates. But when the youtuber left they left leaving the well amount of players that played to just see what happened to the server. After just 1 month of youtubers leaving Mods were rare to be seen and only a group of 50 were left. little to 3 months later and beyond there were absolutely zero mods that gone on nor did the owners get on leaving this server to become chaotic. Major glitches were to be found, items that were banned to be used, and many hackers. It was at this time just every man for him self. Being that at least 80% of the server population was using hacks because of the no movement mods or the owner had on the server. Being that this happens I turn to hacks to live in the warzone. This soon included my whole faction that used hacks also. So much people hacked in fact we were raided once and there whole team hacked as well, but we still won that fight ;]. Than all of a sudden theres a large increase in people who spoke French and ect.. Apparently there was European youtuber that hopped on and for the first two days the group of 50 really didn't know what was going on. Than all of a sudden the mods get back on in secrecy. Hiding there selfs but still in the server slowly banning people one by one for the hacked clients they used. Can you belive it? Just because the sPEcIal youtuber and his fans got on with him as well the mods and owner come crawling back and try to clean up the server by banning people who were basicly forced to hack! It was honestly disgusting how much of a greedy owner Pat was and still is probably! I do understand there are 20 people left. Most from the European invasion and some new players. Im not sure if there are any original players that still paly the server (and I can't find out because my account is banned for hacking) but if so. shout out to yall. I made a post about a year or 2 ago saying goodbye and congratz to the mod who found me hacking taking so long to find me, but really they were just being assholes trying to ban people for something that wasn't there fault. Shout out to dediciousjam for being a ***** boy also! Cya -Skipperbut, -Black_Nigah
  2. haha you only just realised this now? just leave this empty shithole. cosmic is giving weekly updates on all 3 of their servers, play with them. I do miss pitforge though, it was the best expirience i've had on minecraft, even better than cosmic and its given me some great memories. But unless another youtuber rocks up, they wont do anything about it. Honestly i doubt pat even thinks pitforge is still running.

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