Accepted SunFish51 AFK Grinding

Discussion in 'Player Reports' started by Buddy20805, Apr 11, 2018.

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  1. 1. Server (e.g F1, F2):F1
    2. Your account name:QuickMathz
    3. Minecraft name (of offender):SunFish51
    4. Offense committed:Hacking (Kill Aura)
    5. Proof:
  2. look just cuz i kicked u out of my fac for being a hacker doesn't mean u have to lie. i was watching youtube e at the time of grinding so i don't focus on my chat, i have my mouse on minecraft and clicker every so often to kill the mobs, its a reasonable explanation. that head snap always happens in minecraft its a visual glitch, and as ur trying to state i wasn't there, and if i was using kill aura i would've locked on to you and kept hitting u but i looked at u for a split second ( visual glitch ), see? i wasn't rlly AFK grinding cuz i was the one clicking. also if u want to make a report about a hacker you should've recorded yourself bunny hopping around my base.
  3. Bro why u backing up a guy who is just making false accusations cuz i am better than him? plus ur in no place to talk u actually did get banned.
  4. 1 day lvl 35 the next lvl 40 suspicious anyone?
  5. click evrey so oftern
  6. Where Is Your Proof Of me Bunny Hoppng
  7. i went from 23-27 not hard then 27-31 still not hard 31- 35 had to use exp got from war zone then yesterday i was lvl 37 and got to lvl 40 this afternoon not very suspicious
  8. don't rlly have any proof u did so fast i couldn't get the recording device out
  9. if i did it so fast u can still record btw that is a lie you went from 35 - 40 in one afternoon and your not on 24/7 so u cant use that as a excuse
  10. t
    that is a lie actually i am most of the day i play about 1-2 hours of other games and i think i know what lvl i was better than u do.
  11. oh also its an excuse* not a excuse
  12. @SunFish51 ur head snapped onto him at 28sec and again and again explain that
  13. Your just using loads of excuses you admitted it tom me in pm but your lucky i couldn't photograph that even though i tried
  14. @Jeff Holliday he says its a virtual glitch but mean you know the truth
  15. as i said visual glitch the mobs weren't there after that so i would've kept hitting him if i had Kill Aura
  16. so is there proof? no? then it didn't happen
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    Visual glitch really that’s his excuse xD and the reason I tagged draca is because him and sunfish were fighting yesterday and we both saw him with Ka but I wasn’t recording

    Also at 50sec that doesn’t look like any kind of glitch but you know

    But hey we will leave it to @KeonDZ to decide what happens
  18. oh at 50 seconds i saw him so i turned to look at him swung at him as a friendly minecraft gesture and went back to watching youtube and grinding
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