Accepted SunFish51 AFK Grinding

Discussion in 'Player Reports' started by Buddy20805, Apr 11, 2018.

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  1. also i wasn't using kill aura when i fought drac this morning and u want to know something funny u weren't even there. plus people are saying i don't hack a lot of which i don't know. so maybe drac is ur friend or something and u don't want him to feel ashamed i beat him up in minecraft, so you're just going along with it.
  2. Freindly you said you never trusted me any way. you dont trust high lvls in your fac
  3. lol a lot of which u dont know i only see Ur *friends* saying this/fac members
  4. oh also @Buddy20805 i recall this rule which i have just copy and pasted from the official website:
    Offence: Blackmail
    Punishment: Temporary Ban - 4 Days
    Description: "Give me ___ or I'll get you banned" or anything related.

    and i remember u saying oh btw SunFish51 i have a recording of you hacking, i asked rlly? well why? and u said oh just in case i want something from you. and look at where we are now ur no longer in my fac cuz my officer kicked u and now u post it, how strange that is.
  5. That is wrong 1 mods only banned with proof 2 i didn't say that or i would have just been like give me ...... or im going to report you which i didnt
  6. BTW we have 23 views but 0 other comments apart from 3 of us so i think we should stop argueing and just let @KeonDZ handle things
  7. Friendly gesture snapping back and forth but there’s nothing left to say leave it to Keon
  8. well i have 1 fac member saying i don't hack and someone else saying i don't which is more than u do saying i do hack infect there are 3 people in 1 fac that say i don't hack so thats 2 more than u.
  9. i don't think people like being tagged he has a very tight schedule and probs doesn't want all these notifications. he will get to it in his own time when he is free
  10. what?
  11. @SunFish51 he is right :p me (@DracarysDrogon ) and @Jeff Holliday know you've b-hopped, use kill aura, and afk grinded. and you know what the best part is? I'm still a higher level then you XD
  12. XD I just watched the video and he is so blatantly cheating. your dead @SunFish51
  13. @KeonDZ ive had enough of the arguments it’s not leading anywhere
  14. can u stop mentioning me? i agree with @ExposingHackers this is going nowhere look u can be as mean to me as u want @DracarysDrogon even tpa to one of ur friend to try and rek my base but fail. but its not in any of our hands we don't decide what happens. so lets just wait. if you've bean to his page on the forums you would know he has work to do and won't be on for a bit so why don't u just respect stop trying to hurry him and stop bloody tagging me.
  15. well mr. @SunFish51 u were proven hacking and u denyed it. I'm just repleying to your msg just as u just did. <3
  16. SunFish... why... all ive seen is you get complained about all in-game, now here. Whats wrong with you. Why use hacks... just admit that you was. No need to refuse.
  17. Clear use of hacks, i have no idea why his faction goons are trying to disprove something someone has claimed which is obviously right.
  18. Yeah, just trying to escape something so obvious...
    Also, the excuse of something such as a 'visual glitch' is just beyond me. Never have i seen a visual glitch like that happen or even heard of it. Also, the fact that it locked exactly onto the player next to him, then switched back straight away whenever there was a mob there in front of him, then swapped back to the player when there was no mobs there.
  19. Wow thanks to everyone who can see the truth hopefully a mod will see this somewhen
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