Want stuff [F4]

Discussion in 'Deals and Trades' started by LoveMyAmaterasu, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. What i Need: [F4]
    - Tempered chestplate Lvl: 3-7

    - Tempered Boots Lvl: 2-4
    - Reinforce Shild Lvl: No Matter
    - Insurance
    - XP Bottles (Only buy mass of XP)

    Message me on Discord ``LxveMyAmaterasu#8555ยดยด

    With this Format:

    Item Name (Full Name + Level)
    Price (Realistic Price)

    Btw: I have a
    - Fury Bow lvl 6
    - Phantom Bow lvl 6
    - Magic Bow lvl 5

    For trading or sell.
  2. Well when I asked you about trading the bows you said you arent trading them so you are probably scamming.
  3. Yep scamming.. thats the reason why i use the Trade system kek

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