which are likely to be playing wow classic gold!!

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  1. Straightforward. While I may not agree with all Tea Thymes remarks... I love hearing other gamers thoughts which are likely to be playing wow classic gold!! There is no need along with this guy down, to shut his remarks, or anybody for that matter. The majority of the tips coming from the community members will be ludicrous anyways and whatever we say isn't going to influence the results of WoW Classic. I feel these types of talks are healthy to your WoW Classic community and breaks down the gate-keeping issue. Thank you for placing this Defcamp!?

    I'm in agreement here as far as no Tokens. I'm excited about enjoying a game where individuals have to work hard and make their equipment and their esteem on the machine, not buy it.tokens at WoW Classic won't occur, its an extremely uneducated problem to pressume, Blizzard want cash, yes... that is why they won't add it. Nobody will be subbed to get WoW Classic if there are tokens, literally destroying the market will only make everyone crawl back into servers. The business strategy is always to create the game true, which is ALL they've stated they are currently doing.

    Tokens allow u to pay for the sub right when I am not mistaken? That would mean that purchasing blossom for WoW Classic Gold in retail would provide u the sub for free, thus letting u play. That will require 1 to play with with retail though, but because the WoW Classic will be part of their sub u can play both games. I also belive that those who want the blossom in WoW Classic are like some other WoW Classic Goldbuyers, but they want a safer enviroment to purchase their own WoW Classic Gold.Adding a wow token will devalue WoW Classic Gold. Earning gold in wow classic is a part of the sport, getting your epic mount is a huge achievement and adding a means will totally trivialize that.
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