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Oct 8, 2016 at 12:03 AM
Jul 13, 2016
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Oct 8, 2016
    1. zacr11
      MasDaddy there was a kid that hacked his way onto my account and kick me and all the members of our faction out and I was wondering if there was a way you could help me whit that
      1. rocketoctavian likes this.
    2. DerpyDiamond
      Last seen October 8th
      1. Snipez likes this.
    3. Jojo_muZe
      Mas Daddy can you my PLS unban Jojo_muZe I didn't know this whith the spawn eggs. Sorry I didn't do it again <3
    4. Mikade Monk
      Mikade Monk
      what do i need to get youtube rank cause i stream the server every day my yt is MightAsWellGame , same as my ign so yea plz say
    5. Alpha__Kidd
      Mas, I among many others are unable to join F2 and yet it says there are 130 people online. Is there a reason why we are unable to join F2 and others are?
    6. aaron ruiz
    7. aaron ruiz
      aaron ruiz
      i did this for a ban appeal
    8. aaron ruiz
      aaron ruiz
      can i get unbanned this is my first time being banned and i fifnt know racial slurrs are bannable please can be left off with a warning
    9. iApple
      You're a pretty chill guy. But, would you like to come and be chill on Titan with all your besties? :)
      1. Mattmasters1
        Best joke of the day right there
        Nov 20, 2016
    10. Valdemar
      MasDaddy if I buy a gold chest, can I get it, because alot of people are saying it is glitch and you won not get
    11. Tyler steanegaming
      Tyler steanegaming
      Can u reply to my ban appeal please
    12. Worldspine
      Please fix glitch where people sneak to the edge of the ledge where it drops off to the warzone and can still hit people I've lost too much armor and weapons to those who abuse it to knock you into the warzone so they can kill you.
    13. justinjjb
      In my Fuzzcobra was the scheffgebant and we are limited in our possibilities please you could kick him and make me alls sscheff
    14. Dmitry
      My Minecraft name is Dangerous2001
    15. Dmitry
      Hello MasDaddy, I have a question. Could I please get the youtuber rank?
      I have 2 videos where I played factions on the server pitforge (f4).
      If you want to convince yourself you can visit my channel.
      The name of my channel is dmitry2001 Kalinin
    16. Julian//67sx_
      when is ffa starting
    17. DAneee
      pls can u come on f7 on pitforge.com
      we have hackers in our base.
      they destroy all our things have fly hacks speed hacks killaura and so on pls can u do it quickly
    18. Miist
      HAH, holy shit I wish taking legal action was possible.
    19. Marcus Lyak
      Marcus Lyak
      Hey Mas, Happy Halloween, I'm just jumping around forum wishing the staff members a Happy Halloween.
    20. redredisen
      Hi i have lost 20 legendary crystals due to a hacker and I need help getting them back I'm in lobby 15
      1. PurityLegacy
        Please dont ask 3 staff. You will not get crystals back
        Oct 31, 2016
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