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Faction Permissions, War Additions & Raid Addition! (October 14, 2016)

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Pat, Oct 14, 2016.

By Pat on Oct 14, 2016 at 10:36 PM
  1. Pat

    Pat Network Owner
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    Jul 13, 2016
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    Hello people of the world!

    Today we have finalized some additions that we are happy to announce.

    Faction Permissions
    First off, a highly requested feature.. Faction Permissions!
    We would like to thank @VelocityZ for making this recommendation, as it was a big inspiration to how we made the plugin.


    The command is /f perm. If you look at the above pictures, you can see when you type /f perm it opens up a menu where you can edit what each group in the faction can do! You have multiple different permissions you can set for the groups. Just type /f perm in chat to see all options.

    1v1s & Deathmatches
    Something a lot of people have been asking for are the option to war in a 1v1.. Now you can!

    If you are a high enough rank in your faction, and can start wars, you can now do 1v1s! If you type /f war you will notice the extra item added which you click to be queued up in a 1v1 vs someone else in another faction. 1v1s DO gain you some EXP and DO effect your RP. So keep that in mind.

    One complaint we have been hearing about faction wars is that people are continuously hiding and camping, causing the wars to take forever.

    We have now added Deathmatches! After 15 minutes of being in a war, if everyone isn't dead, you will be taken to a smaller arena where there is no place to run or hide, to fight to the death! We hope this causes a much more enjoyable faction war experience.

    Raid Time Addition
    People have been saying that the raid time is too short. Well, you can now use 3 Faction Energy to add an additional 30 minutes to your raid!
    We hope you guys like these additions. Be looking forward to more additions coming soon!
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Pat, Oct 14, 2016.

    1. GeekerAndy
      Isn't it based on RP? I would think that would be more fair.
    2. CliffHanger0323
      Okay thank you
    3. Angel
      In the war, can u please put kits in the f war so that everyone can have a fair dueling field
    4. ProZed
    5. Angel
      Two requests:
      Can u make the trader always on so that everyone can trade in their gear they don't need
      Can u make f war with kits so everyone has a fair field
      So many people in f war with no gear
    6. Toby Smith
      Toby Smith
      Pat, you should add "doubles" faction wars for multiple teams of 2. I think this would be a great addition to the F War experience.
      GeekerAndy likes this.
    7. GeekerAndy
      That is actually a great idea!
    8. Blaxeturner
      There's no point in collecting gear if you make that the same
    9. PhyscoPandaOP
      There are like no people in f war without gear. If a faction is good they will get to the top easily and then have challenging battles. If they are bad they will stay near the bottom and face off against people with similar ability.
    10. 2yoda
      thx a lot man it really helps lol it would be nice to actually use these though one masdaddy fixes my faction because he joined it and made himself leader lol and I've posted and nothing is happening lol but once i get leader back I can't wait to try it
    11. TheDragonMage
      Could you please add the /f home permission. That would be very helpful.
    12. Najeeajohnson
    13. Blaxeturner
      Why were all previous announcements deleted.
    14. Cyrus_Gaming
      No clue, kinda weird

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