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Server Update (September 17, 2016)

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by MasDaddy, Sep 17, 2016.

By MasDaddy on Sep 17, 2016 at 1:11 AM
  1. MasDaddy

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    Jul 13, 2016
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    Hello, everyone!

    We have had a busy week this week with a lot of tweaks and additions to the server.

    Recent Changes:
    - Nerfed Decimate
    - Nerfed Strength Pots
    - Buffed Crit Skill
    - Buffed Attack Speed Skill
    - Reduced Defense max to 25 Skill points
    - Defense ability, Blockage now unlocks at level 15
    - Doubled defence % gained per level
    - Better bases detection when doing a /f raid
    - If you have been raided your faction gets raid protection for 2 hours to prevent back to back raids
    - Raid Timer increased to 45min
    - Villagers will no longer sell "illegal" items
    - Default Minecraft tools (Diamond Picks, Diamond Shovels) only do 1 attack damage
    - Recruits can no longer TP players to the faction's base
    - Faction War GUI Improvements
    - Players now earn 200 XP for winning a Faction War
    - Players now earn 50 XP for losing a Faction War
    - Different mobs now drop different amounts of XP
    - Added more perks to donator ranks

    Recent Additions:
    - Item Insurance
    * You can now insure any of your items to protect them from death.
    - Chests
    * We have added 3 new chests that make it easier to get Epics and Legendaries
    - Skill Respec
    * You can now buy the ability to respec / reset
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by MasDaddy, Sep 17, 2016.

    1. IHirs
      when you say buffed attack speed skill do you mean that you fixed the walking speed thing?
      Michaelo likes this.
    2. BroMaker2005
      When you say "buffed decimate" you mean you have taken it away?
    3. Grylant
      Everyone that had decimate has now respecced into AS and now they just need a pot and they will run around slapping you to death.
    4. augis
      well, i tried pvp in the warzone...
      SO it happens that from about 50~ people for 30 minutes(high disparity), i got only 5 kills... Others just Survive 1-2 hits, and Eperl and re-log.... and what can i do? Stay still in the air, till some Bhoper comes and washes dirt with my face :|

      Great job... nerfed decimate AND str pots... Now people with Killauras(and no weapons) will literally slap you to death, just like this guy said.

      Great job, at ruining the balance that was on a brake of ruin.
      -Respect for the administration.
      Onyx_Gaming101, De_Wall and Ethan :I like this.
    5. mathew0009
      why cant i actualy get my items now i paid for skill reset and ultra..
    6. GeekerAndy
      Aren't the chests non-EULA compliant?
    7. My_Nam_Jeff
      One suggestion.Can you guys improve the anti cheat Before you increase attack speed because that just influences more players to start hacking
    8. Grylant
      no, it is against EULA when they can purchase something that is not available to be gotten in game without real money... like the /near command or access to pv.
    9. Esmodijus
      So when will you be adding bow enchantments?
    10. Blaxeturner
      Can you explain more about "better bases detection?"
    11. TetTheGod
      The update seem to didnt work on F2 for me. I still see that defense can go to 50 skill and that attackspeed and crithit didnt get a buffed.
    12. GeekerAndy
      I think it's going to be like how they reinputted player levels. Each server will have a designated downtime eventually, one after another, so all servers aren't down at the same time.
    13. TetTheGod
      Faction2 still dont have the update rip :(
    14. theshuabottle
      God bless I love this update
    15. Eltewak
      Its not ruined what so ever they balanced it for the actual players hackers are being flooded out they are doing as much as they can to get rid but what about when the hackers go? the server would just be unbalanced the way it was this helps for the future.
    16. augis
      I kinda understand if it was for the hackers... but really? i mean if you dont wanna die, dont you go for armor? ITS LOGIC... and right now, everyone wearing armor, and increasing their armor skill... are almost unkillable. I hate that trade-off... It's like with LOL... They nerfed ADCARRYS, and BUFFED TANKS(even if they were nerfed a bit, they still overpower you).

      They balanced it out for noobs, who cant focus on 1 thing, and go with everything, and ask everyone why they die against people grinding Damage :| i mean... it's Not fair, for the damage builders... just cause they max damage, they should not get the nerf...
    17. Eltewak
      With the damage fully maxed against my defence fully maxed i still get 1 hit with decimate so how is it not balanced? It requires you to actually think about how you pvp instead of running in and 1 shotting people it brings the fun back of the battle grinds you did back in 1.8 minecraft. i went into a 3v3 and lasted 10mins before killing all 3 of the guys in there it brings skill back to the game rather then it being about whoever gets the first hit wins and they buffed half the weapons so they do more damage so even though damage is nerfed if you use the right weapons you can still 1 hit very easily
    18. augis
      but as you said this specific one

      "i went into a 3v3 and lasted 10mins before killing all 3 of the guys in there"

      Precisely... in 1.8 PVP was swing swing swing and kill. atleast noone was running for the whole game, till the catcher rages in chat, and kills him from behind.
      And now, the pvp should be different, timed attacks, big damage heaps to overpower your opponent, that's how it should work.

      even now, your "i went into a 3v3 and lasted 10mins before killing all 3 of the guys in there"
      is the point which i dont like, 3 v 3 is pvp, it's a small arena, to fight in... and they NEED to FIGHT, not HIT AND RUN godFUC*ING damit...
      10 minute fights are not game/fun, CAUSE you constantly have to keep "slapping" your opponent, till you finnaly kill him... that makes fights that should last 2-3 minutes, last for hours.

      and that guy who maxed damage and oneshoted you, he had good weapon, and you had lame armor. if you hade like kadabra 4, you would applies weakness 2 on hit, that would kill his damage 40 fu*king %
      if you had tank4, Absorption 4, Valor 4, he would start slapping you with 0.5 damage instead of those onehots god dammit, i'm with almost no defense/hp, can survive up to 3-4 hits from damage builds just using these enchantments.

      I go into pvp with risk, I can kill people(and i do), but i die as often too, cause i max damage. AND YOU DONT SEE ME CRYING. the first nerf was yeh, needed.. .2.5x is to much, 2x is more then good amount... 1.5x is to weak against this.

      People bring BIG damage dealing weapons, with slow attack speed. SO they could make the most of their damage.
      While tanks take Life steal swords, and take em all at ones.

      You cant die with fully armored skills, and buffed HP. YOU JUST CANT.
      Those who build 50 skillpoints into damage, they deserve to DO DAMAGE, not to be useless.
    19. ShxdowBxne
      no decimate has gone down from 2x damage to 1.5x

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