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Tournaments & Revenge! (September 30, 2016)

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by MasDaddy, Oct 1, 2016.

By MasDaddy on Oct 1, 2016 at 4:12 AM
  1. MasDaddy

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    Jul 13, 2016
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    Hello, everyone!

    We have a few new features we are excited to announce!


    Tournaments are 2-3 day long events we will be running every once in a while.
    This weeks tournament (which is currently live) revolves around Faction Wars. Factions who participate in Wars will receive points (ontop of the RP you normally get). 7 points if you win a war and 2 points if you lose a war. The factions with the most points when the tournament ends will get prizes!

    Prize Breakdown:
    1st Place: Diamond Chest
    2nd Place: Gold Chest
    3rd Place: 3 Legendary Crystals
    4th - 10th Place: 1000xp & 1 Legendary Crystal
    11th - 20th Place: 500xp & 1 Epic Crystal
    21st - 54th Place: 250xp & 1 Rare Crystal


    We have added a new feature to Raids, revenge! This new option can be found In the /raid menu. You can now take revenge on another faction that has raided you.
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by MasDaddy, Oct 1, 2016.

    1. Flame4Ever
      Does that mean every single players in that faction will win the same prize or only the leader will get the reward and the leader will have to decide how to split it?
    2. 1thebeast
      the new scouting features are not mentioned here but can you bring back that you can look in chests while scouting it sucks to raid people with no stuff and it probably sucks for them too since they get raided while they just started
      JadenTomato likes this.
    3. Harambe lives
      Harambe lives
      Sweet update looks fun
    4. augis
      And the bow Enchants are still a history :| Oh wait, they'll come out, when Half Life 3 will be announced.

      Good additions, but we need BOWS.
    5. Dapetsta
      So with this 'revenge' system, you are never safe when you raid someone else? That is going to be annoying. Also can you use this twice?
    6. p122aguy
      yea im very interested to know this too
    7. AlexAm12
      Fix the raid system. We got raided by NewError and they didn't know how to build a cannon so after failing at that they epearl glitched into the base and started blowing stuff up, then the raid countdown ended and they didn't get thrown out the land they stayed there for another 40minutes buying Ceggs off /ah and blowing my base up
    8. BlueStynx
      Looks amazing! Can't wait to start playing it :D
    9. GeekerAndy
      What is this number 3 you speak of?

      In other news, I'm very excited for this update!
      augis likes this.
    10. Tranzitions
      maybe lower the 2 points to 1 point per win, cuz people could easily just lose a game and que faster than a winning team and easily lose faster than a win causing them more points then the winning team, thx for looking at this post
    11. GeekerAndy
      Maybe they left something out of the update notes. Like a limited amount of losses, or wars.
    12. Blaxeturner
      Only the leader.
    13. ShadowLights_
      Honestly you shouldnt be able to look in the chest because you should be able to judge if the base is good enough for raiding or not. You will raid good bases without any loot or bad bases with loads of loot. Thats why the "Secret Chests" feature should stay.
    14. 1thebeast
      so from this i deduce that the best base should be the one that looks most raided and least promising instead of the best defended looking ones?
      i think that just leads to the raid feature becoming obsolete
      because as soon as everyone figures this out raiding becomes picking the actual raided trash out of the fake raided bases
      Marcus Andersen likes this.
    15. lalaasdf1
      When does the next tournament start it would be nice if u also add a counter when the next tournament starts
      JoshGrout69 likes this.
    16. Blaxeturner
      I think just increasing the price would be fine. Like increase it to 4 diamond chests.
    17. Lumb1234
    18. Derrick354
      why i buy the ultra rank but still cant joint the full server? who can help me pls...
    19. GeekerAndy
      There is a Support button on the bottom right. There is also the Bugs and Issues section of the forums.
      CooperW24 likes this.

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