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Update #1

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by MasDaddy, Sep 7, 2016.

By MasDaddy on Sep 7, 2016 at 6:03 PM
  1. MasDaddy

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    Jul 13, 2016
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    Hey, everyone!

    It's great seeing so many of you online and enjoying our creation. We are working hard every day to create the best experience possible. I would like to take this time to go over a few changes / additions to the server.

    #1 Raiding
    We have enabled raiding on all servers! If you are the faction leader or an officer, you can start a raid by typing /raid.

    Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 2.35.57 PM.png

    To begin, you will need to scout a potential faction. Scouting gives you 60 seconds to view another faction's base. While in scout mode, you are hidden from all other players. Once your 60 seconds is up, you can choose to raid the faction you just scouted or scout another faction.

    Raiding requires 6 Energy. Your faction gains energy every hour depending on how many faction members you have online. The more faction members you have online, the more energy you will get. Energy is capped at 20, so once you hit 20 energy, your faction will stop earning it.

    While raiding, you will have 20 minutes to grab as much loot as possible. You are not allowed to go back to your faction's base or spawn while raiding, so make sure you have enough room in your inventory.

    If you have been raided, you can check the raid log in /f to see which faction has raided you and when.

    #2 Faction Alliances
    You can now ally with other Factions on your server. To ally with a faction, type /f ally <faction name>. The other faction will get an invitation to ally with you. Allies will not be able to PvP or raid each other.

    #3 Name Tags
    At launch, we had your level above your head in your name tag. We have been forced to remove this due to performance issues. We are will be adding this back soon once it's been better optimized.

    #4 Auction House
    We have temporarily disabled the AH due to a bug. It will be back soon.

    #5 Hackers / Cheaters
    We are working on a solution to weed out all the hackers. Know that if you are hacking, we will catch you and you will be permanently banned without a chance to appeal. Please note that our anti-cheat alerts all online staff of attempts to hack. Our staff are also equipped with /vanish, so you never know who might be spectating you.
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by MasDaddy, Sep 7, 2016.

    1. ClubPenguin
    2. jared
      can u kick a guy he said he was nice and stole all our stuff killed me at home and took all my stuff and is being a a** hole his username is disciple1776
    3. HunterJonnJonzz
      Nice update, was out a while back but i love how you helped clear up the whole Faction energy thing because i didn't know how it worked.
    4. Raider Extreme
      Raider Extreme
      Awesome I love that raiding is now open!
    5. Blaxeturner
      Could you add a possible command in which we visit other ally bases but will not be allowed to open chests or use doors etc.

      Maybe promote allied factions to use doors and chests.

      The allied faction bases visiting is mainly for using other factions spawners.
      Snipez likes this.
    6. MildlyAdequate
    7. wildfire20
      They Can't Just Kick Someone For That Bud.
    8. augis

      "Scouting gives you 60 seconds to view another faction's base."
      Doesnt work. gives you only 5 seconds.

      "Raiding requires 6 Energy."
      5 energy.
    9. Elderin
      Got yet another good update! Love it
    10. MasDaddy
      What server do you play on?
    11. augis
      No no, thank's i just tested it, and i was wrong. I am sorry to "cause" needless worries.

      F4. it's just that the time differences are pain in my arse :/ sorry again.
    12. IHirs
      Raiding times are so low...
    13. Barney1551
      I don't understand why we aren't allowed to tp back to our homes while raiding, I find during the raid I can only get a little bit of loot and end up de spawning everything which isn't great for the economy
    14. FFinalSTriiKe
      Last time I used raiding yesterday (Was open on F4 believe it or not) I was able to open the other faction's chest and steal stuff. If you haven't fixed it, please close it and fix it first before you open it again.
    15. Barney1551
      There supposed to be able to open chests the point of factions is to build a base so that raiders have to use tnt to get in your base and have free loot
    16. FFinalSTriiKe
      Oh that's no fun oh well
    17. MasDaddy
      You can always just put a block over your chest to close it.
    18. Raider Extreme
      Raider Extreme
      I wish you could get energy easier
    19. Lightning30601
      I don't think u can actually just kick a person or ban him for that reason as I've been through the same problem by a insider who tp's people in the base and raids you (enderborn on server F1) but this is not enough to kick/ban someone as this is relatively common and it is a lesson to everyone not to trust people easily and leave things unprotected.

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