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War Season Rewards + Shields (November 10, 2016)

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by iHayden, Nov 10, 2016.

By iHayden on Nov 10, 2016 at 6:05 PM
  1. iHayden

    iHayden Network Administrator
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    Jul 18, 2016
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    The first war season here on Pitforge is over, and 3 factions have emerged victorious!
    Congratulations to the following factions for ranking TOP 3 overall on the global RP leaderboard.

    1. TheNeatPeople (1064 RP)
    2. Dioc (1032 RP)
    3. Avon (990 RP)


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The prizes for the winners are as follows:

    1st Place:
    - Red faction name in chat
    - 1st place displayed when you hover over the faction name
    - Super Chest for the faction leader
    - 2 Skill Respec for members and above
    - 2 Insurances for members and above

    2nd Place:

    - Light purple faction name in chat
    - 2nd place displayed when you hover over the faction name
    - Magical Chest for the faction leader
    - 1 Skill Respec for members and above
    - 2 Insurances for members and above

    3rd Place:

    - Aqua faction name in chat
    - 3rd place displayed when you hover over the faction name
    - Diamond Chest for the faction leader
    - 1 Skill Respec for members and above

    The faction war RP leaderboards have been reset. The exact length of season 2 has not been determined, so get going and win some wars!

    By popular request, we've added some more shields into the game! Below is an image of each new shield at its maxed level. Shields can be found in crystals or chests. Chests can be purchased from store.pitforge.com.


    Let us know what you think of the shields and faction war prizes! Enjoy.​
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by iHayden, Nov 10, 2016.

    1. MaxSpiralAxle
      Congratulations to all 3 winners, enjoy your epic items and new chat colors! As for the shields, can't wait to try them out! Seems like an awesome and welcome update, thanks!
    2. Poseideus (Feng Lin)
      Poseideus (Feng Lin)
      In my opinion, YouTuber factions should not be able to participate in war.
      My reasons:
      1. Most people with YouTuber ranks probably have a good source of income and them participating the war is basically getting free stuff and preventing non you tubers and non pay to win players from winning that easily.
      2. They probably have a lot of supporters that join their faction and has great gear.
      3. Also TheNeatPeople is SSundee's faction, but the server owner, admits and moderators are also in it.


      Also some people got a life, but YouTubers that make money off of YouTube, well they don't really have a life so they can play all day; while compared to others that only have few hours every few days or some people who got little play time only not he weekends.
    3. Aquaplayz
      Good luck everybody
    4. Blaxeturner
      If that was season one, I would like it to be much shorter this time as people can get bored grinding so much, but never the less I like the new rewards! Cosmetic rewards are much cooler! I also love the new shields.
    5. CptnBlueberry
    6. Poseideus (Feng Lin)
      Poseideus (Feng Lin)
      Wow...it's YouTuber and Server Owner Faction....NO FAIR!
    7. CptnBlueberry
      Well to be fair SSundee can't just play RPG Factions all day, and the Owner, Admins and moderators have to work just as hard to level up and get good enough gear to war.
      mikibudu likes this.
    8. Redbeast2
    9. Poseideus (Feng Lin)
      Poseideus (Feng Lin)
      I mean it's their job, so they are basically having fun, getting more OP and getting the MONEY.
    10. NeinSpass
      Awesome update. #Execuuuuute
    11. CptnBlueberry
    12. Theo Collins
      Theo Collins
      So cool!!!!
    13. Michael Pedzich
      Michael Pedzich
      How does 3rd place get such a lame prize. They should all get super magical chests
    14. Blaxeturner
      I feel like #4 - #10 should get a prize, even if its like a small gold chest, getting to Top 10 is hard enough.
    15. Michael Pedzich
    16. Jagolian
      Maybe instead of complaining, try working towards winning next time
    17. Jagolian
      GG, TheNeatPeople, Dioc and Avon
    18. Jagolian
      Ya I see what your saying, that was quite a while. In my opinion a month would be a better war timing, because you can climb to the top but its hard to stay there. I also love anything cosmetic related so thats awesome and just great update.
    19. Poseideus (Feng Lin)
      Poseideus (Feng Lin)
      Eh even if I become a total MC addict, I still can't get on all day...I normally get around 5 - 10 hrs a week.
      Plus it is all spent on building and having fun with faction member.

      By no fair, Im talking for the others...it isn't fair for those who tried their hardest but still for the server Owners this is their job, and same with SSundee. Its basically 2 birds 1 stone for them.

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