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    Channel 4

    Channel 4
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    Accepted Staff Abuse Of Punishments

    I agree with flodex, the chat was really dead as most ppl were either afk/talking in ally chats. It wasn’t messages in quick succession too
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    Accepted Cussing in Italian

    F1 orPandaa Cussing in Italian
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    Accepted Yikes chat

    F1 CringePolizei & MrVeLuBa Cussing/Harassment
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    Accepted Spam/slurs
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    Accepted Cussing/Slurs in Italian

    F1 Mattoppi Cussing/Slurs in Italian
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    Accepted Threats and Harassment

    F1 Svnpaiii Threats and Harassment
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    Accepted Major Character Spam

    F1 DracarysDrogon Continuous Character Spam
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    Accepted Afk autoclicker

    Server Hub2 lukasth Autoclicker afk gind
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    Denied Cussing

    F1 _ichbinwichtig_ cussing
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    Accepted Swearing/Harassment

    F1 Paulo006 Swearing/Harassment
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    Accepted Spamming

    F1 44Leon4 spamming
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    Accepted IchMussMal Macros

    Server F1 Player: IchMussMal PvP Macros
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    Denied Inappropriate fac name

    F1 MercySucc Inapp. Fac Name