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    From what I can see of the anticheat logs it does not seem to be a false ban as you've been flagged for multiple hacks. Furthermore, you deleted something in your versions folder after you were banned so that raises even more suspicion. Unless you have a really good story that lines up with...
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    IRL Scamming

    Just checking reports now, I don't see 15 million in his balance and I was just wondering if evangelos08 possibly paid you back?
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    Denied AppleWire scammed a person

    Hey @Meme_Lord07 , Do you have any screenshots, recordings or any other type of proof of this happening?
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    Denied Bug abuse by GRIM

    You can send me the video on discord. My Discord is Lunaxz#0001.
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    Accepted Illegal Dealing Report

    Player has already been dealt with, still appreciate the report though! ~ Accepted
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    Accepted Homophobic Slurs

    Will be dealt with, thanks for the report ~ Accepted
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    Accepted Cussing in Italian

    Will be dealt with ~ Accepted
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    Denied Slurs/Toxicity

    Player had already been dealt with in game at the time this happened. Still appreciate the report though. ~ Denied
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    Denied Bugraid

    Wasn't a bug raid. ~ Denied
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    Denied Bugraid

    Hey, cake is usually a bit busy. Feel free to send the screenshots to me and I will check it out.
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    Denied MRN_SRN use Macro

    It could be a macro but there's just not enough proof here to decide if it is or not. ~ Denied
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    Accepted bypassing of chat filter

    Dealt with, Thanks for the report
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    Denied JayDoesThings Einfach Ausgeloggt..

    As TheLoyalGod said above it's not bannable since Pat changed it as to where you don't lose items. This was done because people were getting kicked by console in PvP and losing their items because of it. It should change back soon to where players do drop their items upon logging in combat. ~...
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    Denied TheLoyalGuy and xCuzImWolfi Abusing exploits!

    Not everyone uses bugs for their own advantage. Some do help find bugs and report them to us. I believe this is the case so I will deny this report. ~ Denied.
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    Hey! Unfortunately we don't allow people to directly pay with a credit card due to the high...

    Hey! Unfortunately we don't allow people to directly pay with a credit card due to the high chargeback rate. The only way to pay with a credit card is through PayPal.