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  1. CakeSpace

    Ban Areal

    Hello UnwantedOwner. I can understand how it was intended as a joke, however we do not treat Illegal Deals as a joke from a Staff perspective as we have no idea if you actually plan to do the deal or not so we assume the worst and punish for cases like this. We have made a post previously in...
  2. CakeSpace

    jonasghs - Ban Appeal

    Thank you for providing screenshots of the required Folders. Overall, I couldn't find anything suspicious and you may have been banned unfairly. Could you briefly describe what you were doing prior to being banned if you can remember?
  3. CakeSpace

    Unban DjTabak !

    Hello DjTabak. It seems that you are missing your .minecraft Folder screenshot which should show all of your Minecraft Folders including your Versions Folder, Mods Folder & Resource Packs Folder. That is what we need to see, if you wouldn't mind providing that screenshot. You also seem to be...
  4. CakeSpace

    Appeal Ban

    Hello IchReiteEinAffe. I appreciate you admitting that you were using a Hacked Client and that you won't be using a Hacked Client again on Pitforge, which is some very nice reassurance. It should be pretty clear that using a Hacked Client regardless of whether or not you were using any of the...
  5. CakeSpace

    jonasghs - Ban Appeal

    You can upload the screenshots to and submit them here.
  6. CakeSpace

    jonasghs - Ban Appeal

    Please provide uncropped screenshots of the following Folders: - .minecraft Folder - Mods Folder - Resource Packs Folder - Version Folder - Recycle Bin - Desktop
  7. CakeSpace

    zHeaven_ - Ban Appeal

    What exactly did you remove from that Folder?
  8. CakeSpace

    zHeaven_ - Ban Appeal

    Hello again. I just need you to explain what you removed from your Versions Folder on the 2nd of April and deleted from your Recycle Bin as well, so that would be highly appreciated.
  9. CakeSpace

    zHeaven_ - Ban Appeal

    Hello again. Thank you for providing the uncropped screenshots that I requested. I have checked your Folders and overall, they seem somewhat clean. There is one issue I have, however which is the fact your Versions Folder has been modified on the 2nd of April and nothing was added at that...
  10. CakeSpace

    zHeaven_ - Ban Appeal

    Please provide uncropped screenshots of the following Folders: - .minecraft Folder - Mods Folder - Resource Packs Folder - Version Folder - Recycle Bin - Desktop
  11. CakeSpace

    Denied Hacker Report #3

    Upon second review of this report, we have found that this would be insufficient evidence to punish this player for Hacking as it more-so looks like Server Desync than actual KillAura. We still definitely appreciate the report regardless. - Denied
  12. CakeSpace

    February 17th, 2021 - Duels Added!

    Hello everyone! Today we have some small additions we hope you guys enjoy! Duels Today we introduce the ability to duel other players! This Duel system IS NOT the same one as previous seasons. We tried this system on our Prison server and it worked out pretty well, so we are now introducing it...
  13. CakeSpace

    Denied xsfrosty using killaura

    I would say from that whole video I find two hits suspicious where the player doesn't aim but still hits you, however those could easily be explained by Server Desync which is the main reason as to why I will have to deny this report along with lack of evidence to prove the player is using a...
  14. CakeSpace

    Accepted GambaGaming Using hacks?

    Thank you for this report and the player has already been punished/dealt with. - Accepted
  15. CakeSpace

    Denied xsCarbon AFK Grinding

    Unfortunately this would not be enough evidence to prove that a player is AFK Grinding. We would require a 5 minute video of the player AFK Grinding with consistent messages to the player for us to issue a punishment. - Denied
  16. CakeSpace

    Mob Massacre Tournament!

    We hope you enjoy this update! MOB MASSACRE TOURNAMENT That's right everyone! TOURNAMENTS! This is the first of MANY new Tournaments to be published, so we're starting out with... MASSACRING MOBS! This will be a Killing Tournament for whoever can get the most points from killing mobs in the...
  17. CakeSpace

    Hahaha damn this server is back up?

    You can most likely use the Wayback Machine to view the old Pitforge Forums
  18. CakeSpace

    Skill Bug

    That's awfully strange. Could you upload the video to YouTube and either privately message me on this Forum or contact me on Discord with the video? It will be interesting to see what is causing the issue for you. Discord: CakeSpace#8888
  19. CakeSpace

    Skill Bug

    Hey Nanika! I have just tested this and I definitely get the 20% movement speed boost from attack speed level 25. I walked from one side of a faction base to the other and timed myself both times, with and without the 20% movement speed boost. Definitely seems to work as intended.
  20. CakeSpace

    Accepted Staff Abuse Of Punishments

    We appreciate the report, however this is definitely not the way to report a Staff member for either false or abusive punishments. If you wish to submit a complaint regarding a Staff member, I highly suggest you contact me in the future either over Discord or send me a message on here privately...