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  1. CakeSpace

    Ban appeal "yakasu"

    Hello yakasu. You were banned on September the 14th, just 3 days ago and you're claiming it was an X-Ray file that you had which modified your Versions Folder on the 14th as well, after you were banned. From my perspective, you weren't jumping weirdly at all but your hits were very well timed...
  2. CakeSpace

    Bannappeal Mixrayz

    Hey there Mixrayz! I have checked your ban and looked over all of the folders you have provided us with. I don't see anything suspicious at all, in-fact it looks perfectly normal to me. Could you explain what you were doing before you got banned, if you remember?
  3. CakeSpace

    Ubann appeal - _ScooterbozZ_ Banned for something i didnt do

    Hello _ScooterbozZ_ It doesn't seem there was a misunderstanding at all. You blatantly broke the Rules by offering paypal money for 2 million in-game money. If you had read the Rules in the first place, this wouldn't have happened. Here is the evidence to prove that - Link to Evidence. I would...
  4. CakeSpace

    Accepted Staff Abuse Of Punishments

    We appreciate the report, however this is definitely not the way to report a Staff member for either false or abusive punishments. If you wish to submit a complaint regarding a Staff member, I highly suggest you contact me in the future either over Discord or send me a message on here privately...
  5. CakeSpace

    Tuesday Server Random Reset Made Me Lost My Godset :/

    Thank you! Myself and Pat went through and checked the logs for both the 25th (Tuesday) & the 24th (Monday) in-case of there being a timezone difference. We found that in both days you were not disconnected at all from either combat logger, or from a mass disconnect in any way which...
  6. CakeSpace

    Tuesday Server Random Reset Made Me Lost My Godset :/

    @FlodexHD What day exactly did you lose the items above?
  7. CakeSpace

    Butchers Club glitched away! (with proof)

    Hello Gamecams! I appreciate you reporting this issue to us, and unfortunately as we do not know why the Server has been crashing/disconnecting players I am able to refund you the items you have lost in the recording! These items should now be in your inventory. Please do let us know if this...
  8. CakeSpace

    Butchers Club Bug dont getig xp [With viedo]

    Hey there! We were aware of this issue, and it should now be fixed! Thanks for reporting this issue.
  9. CakeSpace

    Mob Stacking Bug

    This issue should now be fixed!
  10. CakeSpace

    Accepted Racism / Harassment - WQHD

    Thank you very much for submitting this report! This player will be dealt with accordingly! - Accepted
  11. CakeSpace

    Auction House Bug

    Hello Slint_! We apologise that this bug occurred to you, and we are glad to tell you that you have been refunded. Your Legendary Crystals should be in your Ender Chest.
  12. CakeSpace

    Me and my GF Volatile at Spawn

    Hey Heratsi! I saw this whilst I was in vanish on the Server. How exactly did the Zombie manage to be in Spawn, if you could tell me. That would be highly appreciated.
  13. CakeSpace

    Accepted Spamming

    Thank you for providing this report of this player! They will be dealt with accordingly. - Accepted
  14. CakeSpace

    Accepted IchMussMal Macros

    Thank you very much for this report! It is clear this player is using a /near macro & /pv macro. This player will be dealt with accordingly! - Accepted
  15. CakeSpace

    AH bug

    Hello FlodexHD. I'm so sorry you have experienced this bug, and I have now refunded you your Level 3 Tempered Chestplate! I have left it in your inventory. Please do let us know if this is to happen again!
  16. CakeSpace

    AH Bug

    I have refunded you your level 1 Carbon Sword and it should be in your Ender Chest. Thanks for reporting this issue, and being patient whilst it's being looked into/fixed. Please let us know if this is to happen again. :)
  17. CakeSpace

    AH Bug

    Hello Heratsi! I'm very sorry to hear you encountered this issue. We are aware of it, and believe have this issue fixed. Is your in-game username Heratsi? If not, let me know. I'll refund you the level 1 Carbon Sword.
  18. CakeSpace

    Accepted Spam by Gamerboy2542

    I believe this player was already punished for spamming, however we appreciate the report regardless! - Accepted
  19. CakeSpace

    Accepted Spam/Filterbypass

    Thank you for creating this report! This player will be dealt with accordingly! - Accepted
  20. CakeSpace

    Accepted Homophobic Slurs / Cussing

    Thank you very much for creating this report! This player will be handled accordingly! - Accepted