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  1. _Sunny_Cat_


  2. _Sunny_Cat_

    Accepted Report

    Player will be warned, thank you for the report. ~Accepted~
  3. _Sunny_Cat_

    Denied Mixrayz bunnyhop

    Got denied due to missing proof. ~denied~
  4. _Sunny_Cat_

    Accepted I got badly offended

    Supi,wird bearbeitet. Danke. ~Accepted
  5. _Sunny_Cat_

    Denied Mixrayz bunnyhop

    Please respond within the next 24hours or the report needs to be denied. Regards, Sunny
  6. _Sunny_Cat_

    Accepted I got badly offended

    please respond within the next 24 hours or I need to deny this report.
  7. _Sunny_Cat_

    Denied Mixrayz bunnyhop

    Do you have a longer clip? It could be a lag/desync. if there is no proof I guess we need to deny it. Regards, Sunny
  8. _Sunny_Cat_

    Accepted I got badly offended

    Hello, thank you for the report. Do you have this screenshot uncropped? We can only accept uncropped screenshots. Thank you. Sunny
  9. _Sunny_Cat_

    Denied Crafter623 Killaura

    Hello, thank you for the report,but this video is way to short and it also could be desync or even a lucky hit. If you have more proofs ,feel free to make a new report but in this video can't be seen much. I am Sorry. ~denied~
  10. _Sunny_Cat_

    Denied VENOX07 is hacking

    You need proof to report him otherwise we sadly need to deny this report. :( Regards, Sunny^^
  11. _Sunny_Cat_

    Denied Illegal Deals

    Closed due inactivity.
  12. _Sunny_Cat_

    Denied Illegal Deals

    Lad die screenshots am besten ungeschnitten hoch,so brauchen wir die ^^
  13. _Sunny_Cat_

    Accepted Illegal deals

    Player got warned,case closed. ~Accepted
  14. _Sunny_Cat_

    Denied Hacker Report #7

    Sorry,but we need to deny this report because it's just a bit laggy and also looks like desync. Regards, Sunny
  15. _Sunny_Cat_

    I heard she's a catlover.

    I heard she's a catlover.
  16. _Sunny_Cat_

    Denied Pls Ban

    Will be closed because of missing proof and no answer.
  17. _Sunny_Cat_

    Denied Pls Ban

    Du musst erstmal das Format nutzen ^^ Und dann beweise anhängen,und da das ein englisch-sprachiger Server ist solltest du am besten auch den Report auf Englisch machen ^^