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    Stuck ina block

    I was in PvP zone and throw an enderpearl, but landed in a block. I cant escape and I tryed to sell my stuff in the /ah but for this I have to take my Blaze spawner from the list und unluckily I throw it away but I cant take it back, because i was stuck. Wow. Know I lost some crystals and one...
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    Spawn point outsie

    I have my spawn point fot /home in the base but i also want a spawn point outside. Is this possible to have two spawn points?
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    Can not place a kakteen

    I build my Kakteen farm but I can not place it on sand. I tryed every sand but it does not work
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    Can not use pv 1

    Hello I tryed to use /pv 1 but it does not work. Thamks for help
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    Can not connect

    Hello, I try to connect to the server with the IP: but I can not connet. What can I do?