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  1. Applewire

    I was banned for no reason

    Hello Sebi, Thanks for coming to the forums to create a ban appeal, however this is in the incorrect format. Since you were banned for cheating you will have to provide certain screenshots of your folders. I have attached the proper format as well as the list of required screenshots below. Once...
  2. Applewire

    ah bug

    Hello Neugeborener, This is already a known bug, we currently have no way to fix the /ah bug. To avoid people getting free items by claiming that they have lost items due to it, we require video evidence of the items bugging out. I know you may not be happy with that, but it's the only way to...
  3. Applewire

    Accepted block glitching

    Hello GhostFire_PvP, This report is still in the improper format, but I understand what you are trying to say. The player will be dealt with. Thanks again for the report. -Accepted
  4. Applewire

    Accepted block glitching

    Hello GhostFire_PvP, I appreciate the report, however there is a format you need to follow when reporting another player. Please use this format: 1. Server (e.g F1/F2/Hub/etc): 2. Minecraft Username (of offender): 3. Offence Committed: 4. Proof:
  5. Applewire

    Ah bug

    Hello nanika, This bug is already known about. The only way to get a refund of your items currently is by having video proof. If you happen to have a video of it, it would be great if you could send it to me on discord, AppleTree#5276 .
  6. Applewire

    Accepted Spamming - F1

    Hello Darkrai, The player will be dealt with, thank you for the report. -Accepted