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    money glitches away?

    hello my ing name is _IBuyPower, i had 4.8mil on my account, sold some hoppers for 300k so i would have 5.1 mil, the moment i sold the hoppers i joined a 5mil cf of Cruzialfillzyt, but there was no animation or anything about a 5mil cf in the chat, his cf also was still there and he was offline...
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    Rank Transfer

    hello, my ing name is _IBuyPower, i have the ing rank of eternal, but i want to transfer the rank with my mate Bengoo (immortal)... can some1 do that please ?
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    L0stS0ulz recruitment

    Hello! We are looking to fill up our faction with trustworthy players on the server. We plan to recruit quite a few people, so please, if you are interested make an application below following the format Minecraft username: Age (Our age requirement is 16+): Anyone who can vouch for you...