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  1. Its_Lexie

    Denied Verbal harassment

    Hello @Jordan_is_ugly , It seems you forgot to include the proof with your report. If you happen to have that, please create a new report, or pm me on discord (Its_Lexie#9452) Thanks for the report!
  2. Its_Lexie

    Denied AppleWire scammed a person

    Hello @Meme_Lord07 & @TheFr3shSquad , Unfortunately, we can not do anything without proof. If you happen to have proof of this happening please message me on discord, or on here on the forums. You can contact me on discord @ (Its_Lexie#9452) If this happens again please be sure you collect...
  3. Its_Lexie

    Accepted Player Report Elthenial Server F1

    Player will be dealt with. Thanks for the report. ~ Accepted
  4. Its_Lexie

    Accepted Racism

    Will be handled Thanks for the report. ~ Accepted
  5. Its_Lexie

    Accepted Threats and Harassment

    This will be dealt with thanks for the report.
  6. Its_Lexie

    Denied nothing

    The video is unavailable?
  7. Its_Lexie

    Is AutoClicker Bannable?

    Hello, yes, auto clicker is a bank able offense. Do you not have an AFK pool you are able to use? If an AFK pool won’t work, I highly doubt an auto clicker would have a difference anyway
  8. Its_Lexie

    Null Recruitment

    Please pm me on discord. Its_Lexie#9452
  9. Its_Lexie

    Accepted TheLoyalGod Illegal Deals

    Hello Kuroyukihime, From the looks of it, it seems as if he is joking around about it. I'll be sure to have a chat with him to ensure this will not happen again, though. Thanks for the report! ~ Accepted
  10. Its_Lexie

    Here's the actual link:

    Here's the actual link:
  11. Its_Lexie

    Denied Inappropriate fac name

    I'll go ahead and let this one slide, as long as someone higher than me doesn't say otherwise. Regardless, thanks for reporting! ~ Denied
  12. Its_Lexie

    Null Recruitment

    Hello! We are looking to fill up our faction with trustworthy players on the server. We plan to recruit quite a few people, so please, if you are interested make an application below following the format Minecraft username: Age (Our age requirement is 16+): Anyone who can vouch for you...