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  1. _LoveMyAmaterasu_

    Accepted M1su_

    1. Server: F1 2. Offender: M1su_ 3. Offence Committed: Death threats/Harassment 4. Proof:
  2. _LoveMyAmaterasu_

    Denied TheLoyalGuy and xCuzImWolfi Abusing exploits!

    I dont see any abuse.. He isn't attacking u or is looting something, like he said.. hes reporting it
  3. _LoveMyAmaterasu_

    Ah Bug

    So it's not your fault that you don't understand that ah is broke and you still sell things there?
  4. _LoveMyAmaterasu_

    Ah Bug

    Just record like i said or just dont sell stuff on the ah.. I Already told u that the bug is known.
  5. _LoveMyAmaterasu_

    Accepted Ashigol64

    1. Server: F1 2. Offender: Ashigol64 3. Offence Committed: Harassment/Insult 4. Proof:
  6. _LoveMyAmaterasu_

    Ah Bug

    Without any video u doesnt get it back, Its a known bug so next time just record it if u doing anything on ah with ur stuff.
  7. _LoveMyAmaterasu_


  8. _LoveMyAmaterasu_

    Accepted Verbal Harassment - Anti semitism

    1. Server: F1 2. Offender: LeqitHyper 3. Offence Committed: Verbal Harassment/Anti semitism 4. Proof:
  9. _LoveMyAmaterasu_

    Accepted Verbal Harassment

    1. Server: F1 2. Offender: MCD_Spizzy 3. Offence Committed: Verbal Harassment/Racism 4. Proof: