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  1. Enjoy1Tap

    Novasha_ / (txrminator) -Unban

    Why are u getting mad and toxic and i dont care about ur all
  2. Enjoy1Tap

    Novasha_ / (txrminator) -Unban

    At the first i dont know who you are and i dont care about what you are talking cuz u dont got any knowledge
  3. Enjoy1Tap

    Novasha_ / (txrminator) -Unban

    I dont reply to any comments from other players
  4. Enjoy1Tap

    Novasha_ / (txrminator) -Unban

    1. Minecraft Username: Novasha_ / old (txrminator) 2. What were you banned for: Attempting Illegal Deals 3. Do you have any proof against what you are being accused of: No 4. Who banned you: Lunaxz 5. Why do you believe you should be unbanned: Hey i hope this okay Lunaxz if i do my unban now...
  5. Enjoy1Tap

    Accepted Txrminator for illegal irl trading

    If I am allowed to comment here I would like to comment on it. It would be pointless for me to break the rules again 2 days or so after I was banished and even if it sounds implausible, I just wanted to test whether he would do the illegal deal because I would certainly not take such a risk with...
  6. Enjoy1Tap

    Denied Report SlapOnMyAss

    1. Server F1 2. Minecraft Username: SlapOnMyAss 3. Offence Committed: Harrasment 4. Proof: