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  1. LimpBiscuit

    PuffDaddyxx/OhHypnotize-Ban Appeal

    You didn't include a screenshot of your versions folder. Also, your story doesn't line up with the reason verus banned you which makes me think you're lying. Do you have an explanation?
  2. LimpBiscuit

    I got banned for cheating!

    Hello, Could you please follow this format: 1. Minecraft Username: 2. What were you banned for: 3. Do you have any proof against what you are being accused of: 4. Who banned you: 5. Why do you believe you should be unbanned: Also, please include un-cropped screenshots of the following: -...
  3. LimpBiscuit

    Accepted Staff Abuse Of Punishments

    I've corrected Apple on the punishment and now he knows, he was unaware and we're very sorry for that. :)
  4. LimpBiscuit

    Accepted shishamann

    Player will be dealt with, thanks for report. :) -Accepted.
  5. LimpBiscuit

    Accepted xX70exeXx

    Player will be deal with, thanks for report. :)
  6. LimpBiscuit

    Accepted Homophobic Slurs

    Play will be dealt with. Thanks for report. :)
  7. LimpBiscuit

    Accepted Report Player:Ichmussmal / Eredex

    These reports aren’t bannable, but player has been punished accordingly. :)
  8. LimpBiscuit

    Denied afk grinder/scammer shadebw

    Videos of AFK Grinders must be 5 minutes long to issue a ban. -Denied
  9. LimpBiscuit