Ban Appeal BreezyB1az3

  • Minecraft Username: Breezy_Blaz3
  • Ban Reason: Verus/Cheating
  • Do you have any proof against what you are being accused of: I have no evidence
  • Who were you banned by Console
  • Why do you believe you should be unbanned: because I didn't realize one of the mods I had was bannable and forgot I had it on because I was playing on a modded server last night and I want to keep playing with my friends.


Staff member
Hello Breezy_Blaz3,

I need two things from you.

First and foremost when I look up your punishment history/logs in-game it says you haven't joined the server before. Have you spelled your in-game name correctly? Were you banned under a different IGN?

Second, when you're banned for a hacked client we ask that you post screenshots of your:
  1. - .minecraft Folder (Located in %appdata%)
  2. - Mods Folder
  3. - Version Folder
  4. - Resource/Texture Packs Folder
  5. - Recycle Bin
  6. - Desktop

Please delete the unapproved mod you were using before you post these screenshots. Thank you for your honesty.
Oh yeah I miss spelled my name, its BreezyBlaz3
1. not sure which mod It was, but I used them to play on my friends Minecraft server
2. I have like 85 mods
3. I only have 2 resource packs that I don't really use
4. I was on 1.12.2 normally play on 1.16.3 but forgot to switch versions
5. I couldn't add the other screenshots because the file was too large