Ban appeal xXDiniFettiXx (Advertising)

  1. Minecraft Username: xXDiniFettiXx
  2. Ban Reason: Advertising
  3. Do you have any proof against what you are being accused of:
  4. Who were you banned by: Lunaxz
  5. Why do you believe you should be unbanned:

Hello Staff, i was banned for Advertising. I didnt knew that is a ban reason. I think i said that ... should 1v1 me on But now i know this is bannable wich i never expacted. Also i dont whant soemthing soemthing bad for the Server, if i say he should 1v1 me on a other server.I just whanted that the fight is fair becouse a fight there is fair and not fighting a lvl 62 on pitforge. I actually want the opposite that more players players play on pitforge, not bringing the ppl away. But now i know that and never ever will i try to bring soemone to a other server althoug he is lvl 65,
I would be happy for a positive reply.
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_LoveMyAmaterasu_ yee i used once autocklicker and a hackclient the rest are kicks or warnings. I already admited and im sorry for that. And the screen also say that i wasnt using anymore hack clients becouse i deleted them, and wont ever hack again. If you whant to see i can send you 30h+ of recording. I regret that but i would never think i can get banned if i say he should 1v1 me on a 1.8 server but now i know it.